Our First Anniversary

It's hard to believe that this was a year ago!

'Cause even though we've had a lot of moments like this:

We've had a ton of moments like this:

Sometimes I think that it's just our marriage that has bumps and ups and downs. Because we're from very different cultures and upbringings and we work weird hours and have a weird lifestyle. At the end of our workday, it's pretty hard to give our relationship the attention that it might need.

Whatever the reason or however we make it work, I can't imagine my life any different right now. I am so incredibly lucky to have my best friend along side me in the jungle. And my best friend is a pretty amazing person.

I had these like weird/unknown expectations for our first anniversary. So yeah, I kind of wished I had a "Celebrating Anniversaries for Dummies" because I don't know what we're supposed to do. Well, I think a normal person would think that they are supposed to do whatever they feel like. And crappy gift or romantic card or flowers or whatever makes them happy....is just fine.

Marriage has been a tough transition because I feel like there are so many "suppose to"s...when really there should just be "whatever works for us"...especially in light of our unique circumstances.


I went online and saw that the traditional gift should be paper. But what should I give? I'm someone that likes to shop for gifts throughout the year as I come across something that I know the recipient would like. I hadn't found anything at all for our anniversary!

As kind of a last minute idea, I thought I'd visit the m&ms website and order some personalized m&ms. Louis loves them....and really, I was all out of ideas. (For any non-US readers, the shipping costs are freaking absurd).

So I used one of the only nice pictures of us:

Our anniversary dateS (<---not a typo,our marriage license says we were married on the 12th (that was the plan), but because of the cyclone, we were married on the 11th) and some Clip art to make these for him:

 He would get a huge bag of cute little m&ms that would look something like this:
Cute right? Except there was a shipping mix up and the order was shipped back to the sender!!!! Now I had no gift!!!

I was in Canada when I found out about the mistake....around the same time that Louis told me that his plan didn't work out either! I had a minor meltdown...something to the effect that our marriage is cursed if we don't have a perfect first anniversary...ya know, something logical like that!

Luckily, a friend suggested that I go to the Duty Free shop in town and buy him some m&ms.
That turned into an even better idea: make-shift personalized m&ms. Paper, pen, scissors, and glue - my favorite kind of project!
See? Practically the same thing as the original!!!
And really? Isn't this a near perfect replica of the picture?
 Ok, maybe not.

And my gift...well...it's complicated. Louis tried to order me an ant farm. I have been wanting one for ages!!! I think ants are the coolest insects! I didn't want a little kid ant farm, I wanted like a nice one in framed glass casing.

He kept telling me that he would NEVER get one, and I didn't bother trying to find one. Well, that trickster researched and found that he could get one from the US! (A special type of ant is required). But with a delay in Canadian customs (we're importing insects here!) and travelling to Madagascar with a stopover in Germany and South Africa...there is no way it would work. Not a good international gift idea...but we are totally getting one when we're Canadian again.

Instead, he bought me a label maker.

Ok, so for any normal person, a label maker would be the equivalent of an iron or a toaster and he'd be sleeping in the spare bedroom. But for me? I've dreamt of having one...but could never justify spending the money (that makes no sense, I know). I've wanted one for at least six years. I think I ask my mom for one every year for Christmas, but she fears that the next time she sees me that every item in my possession will have a label on it...possibly including Maggie, the dog.

But Louis threw caution to the wind and went for it! (Or he was basically as desperate as I was...).

I haven't had time to read the instructions so I've only printed one label (I don't know how that's possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I'm super excited!


Last night we went for dinner to Piment Banane (a half decent restaurant in town). To get some romantics in, I forced Louis and I to link arms to take a bite of ice cream, which he did almost without complaining. Both of us were absolutely exhausted...so it was a quick dinner, but we celebrated the night. I think next year...I'd like to celebrate on a weekend so we can enjoy each other's company more.

I can't say it enough....I don't know how this all happened (well, I do, and it's kind of an interesting story), but I think I'm the luckiest person in the world. Had I not come here, I would have never met Louis. And even if I did, I never would have been open to dating someone older with kids, which has turned out to be the most wonderful thing ever. Ok, that's enough cheesiness for today.

I wonder where we'll be or what we'll be doing next year?

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  1. And your day ended with an"they lived happily ever after" It sounds like you both did each other very well. Congrats and many, many more wonderful celebrations no matter where you are. Love G&G xxoo