Running, MacGyver, and Partying!

For three or four years I was a running snob and was like, What's my average pace, What's my gait like, Tuesdays is speed training, Why get out of bed for a run less than 8km, blah blah blah blah. After a half-marathon, I would be tired and un-motivated, but I eventually came around.

Since mid-2009, I've struggled to find a balance between running. I felt guilty for only running 3km (three long, long laps around the camp), and more recently I felt bad for how slow my pace my pre-Madagascar pace (which was also very slow).

Around October, my thoughts on running have become much, much different. Sometimes my running is like...a tranquilizer or anti-depressant. Or sanity-keeper. There are times where I can't go out with friends or I give up something so that I can get in a (very quick) run. The most that I run here is 32-35 minutes. I am certain that I don't cover 5km in that time. I have no idea of the speed (except when I run on an archaic treadmill that sort of tells me the speed, although I don't totally trust it). And I don't think I've ever loved running more. On really bad days, I'll when I know that it's just a run that I need but I feel like absolute crap, I'll tell myself I'll run for 5 songs or 6 songs and that's it. And really, THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL! (This is becoming a famous phrase here).

So last night, I knew I needed a run. But we had a big going away party, and Louis' band was playing his first gig and I needed to be there. So I decided to be late. I started running, got maybe 50 meters and decided I'd last about 2 minutes in the heat, turned around, and ran to the gym. I'm slowly starting to like the treadmill. In fact, in the summer (we are in summer right now), I freaking love the treadmill. I ran my run, and then a few minutes before it was over, I left and ran home. I didn't make it the entire way because it's really just too hot.

To save time, I thought I'd shower at my friend's house that was having the going away party. I grabbed all of my stuff and got a lift over there. Except...the party wasn't at the friend's was at the Village Bar. The pool is next to the bar, so instead of turning home, I MacGyver-ed a solution.

I went behind into the dark behind the open showers, undressed except for my sports bra and running shorts, (very quietly) jumped in the pool, then got out, went in the dark behind the showers again, lathered up some soap, and then went to the open showers and rinsed off. Luckily I had a cup, so I went to the toilets in the back as well, and dumped some water on myself to make sure I really had rinsed off all of the soap. Again, this is in the dark. I love saying that because I've always been petrified of the dark, and even when I first got here I was scared to run in camp because it's pretty dark.

 The lights from the bar made it so I could mostly see what I was doing, and my iPhone has a flashlight that I used to help me along. After showering, dressing, and brushing my hair, I showed up to the party looking sort of put together. I didn't have my bling (forgot it at home) and I looked ridiculously sweaty, but, I was wearing a dress and looked sort of presentable. :) Problem fixed.

So the party - The night was a blast!!!!! I'm still working on my video skills so the video kind of sucks, but here's a sample of the music. The band was missing two key members so they had 3-4 people from another band come in and help, and with the extremely limited practice they had, I think they did awesome. The drummer obviously ruled! (Don't mind the Gumby-dancing guy, he was a happy fan that joined the group after a few drinks :P)

{I also just noticed that it's hard to hear the lyrics. It seems that all of my videos are taken from behind the speakers (I was focused on the drummer!)}

It was such a fun, fun night. I don't think I was in one place for more than ten minutes, which means that I really had a fun night (I can't sit still when I'm having fun).

Today we are off to meet another couple in town at a place I haven't been to in a long time. I'm really trying to get more video of what things are like here, so bare with me as I learn how to take a non-shaky video.


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