Wanted: Funny Answers

I just left a party in tears.

(I know, you're shocked).

I've been overdoing it on the job hunting (serious mistake) and I left work super worried and just not feeling like I wanted to go. But I had a ridiculously card that looked like it was made by a three year old...and I at least wanted to stop by. Sometimes when I don't feel like going somewhere, I'll just show up and randomly notice three hours later that I'm having a great time.

I show up and the first words I hear from a ridiculously stupid man - that I am no more than acquaintances with are: So I heard you got your walking papers!!!

Why he's stupid and not a jerk, is because he meant no offense. He's that stupid that he doesn't know that probably isn't a good idea to say to a girl...a week after she "got her walking papers". I went into the explanation of it all, with all the details....and...urgh.

Then, I got a few kind faces, with their concerned frowns, asking what happened and what I'm going to do next. Offering their advise. All in kindness and in caring, but I don't need it. I live every second of it, and I want a break from it. If Louis was there he probably could have deflected the situation, but I just didn't want to hear one more word about it or have one more sympathetic smile my way.

So, I've come up with a plan. I don't want to be rude and tell these people to leave the the hells alone (not a typo there, we have a guy that says it all the time and I love it). I know that they are talking to me purely out of concern (well, maybe not the stupid guy), and I don't want to offend them by being cold.

The next time someone asked me what happened and I'm not having a particularly strong moment, I'm going to say, Well, I told him that I'd only stay if he gave me a fifty thousand dollar raise and my own house. He wouldn't deliver so That was That!

And then when they ask what my plans are, I'll say, Who knows! I married rich, that's all that matters!!

Except....I'd like to say something actually funny.

So I want need some funny answers. Leave them in the comments section, email me, or Facebook me. The more the merrier. (Like, PLEASE).

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  1. Holy, I couldn't top your remarks. They are great defusers. You Love you G&G xxoogo Nicole.