Weight Loss Updates

I miss blogging but I end up starting writing a post and then it stays in my Drafts folder until I delete it. So I'm copying a good idea of another blog that I read and trying to finish and post all of my drafts.  Like my China trip? I have put up 2 or 3 posts. We did so many cool things and I have draft posts but I never feel like finishing them! I like doing picture posts, so I'm going to try to get back on that!!

Anyway, a few nights ago, I tried to shoot a little video for the blog  to show where I live. The iPhone video quality really impresses me, but my video skills do not. I kept feeling motion sickness every time I watched the video.

But it's something that I'd like to get into. Sure I post pictures of what it looks like here, but videos are so much more descriptive and can really show what it's like. I thought I'd start with our living quarters, then maybe the Tiki Bar, and then some areas in town. The areas in town will be difficult since we are usually driving and the roads (although astronomically better!) are pretty bumpy. I also have to be a little discreet because there is always lots and lots of people around and I don't want to offend anyone by taking their picture/video. Anyway, that's going to be my new little project.

ANYWAY, one of my iPhone Apps is Weight Watchers. I've been following WW since October 17th (so my iPhone tells me), and although yes, I see the scale slowly climbing down, what's cool (for me, since I'm kinda a dork), is seeing it on graph form.

I've lost 13.8 pounds (0.8lbs per week) and I think it's great! I was so concerned that I'd be obsessive about it but I haven't been at all (I did it once in 2006 and wouldn't eat something if I didn't know the points and went down to a heathly weight, but not maintanable...and I was always worried about gaining weight). Yep, it's super slow. But I'm eating healthier foods most of the time and unhealthier foods sometimes. I still drink Coke occasionally, and sometimes I worry I drink too much sparkling water. I'm not sure if carbonation is good for you or not. And of course, I can never give up my sweets. (I was surprised that even on holiday, where I indulged on fun Canada foods and didn't track half of the days I was there, I still managed to lose a couple of lbs.)

I always struggle to eat enough protein because I'm not a meat lover, but the cafeteria has been having some egg dish or fish at lunch, which helps things a lot. Even better is that they have (old, frozen) broccoli that isn't doused it oil it used to be. I'll NEVER give up my morning carb (pancake, toast, or muffin if I'm on holiday), but for at least half of my carbs, I try to get them from whole foods like fruit. I also eat more nuts and nut butters to get fat and a bit of protein.

The only thing I'm not a fan of is that people notice that I'm losing weight. It makes me self conscious and awkward. At first I thought I was doing this for the weight loss, but really, it's so that I feel more comfortable and healthy. I was never obese, but I'm sure my doctor would have told me that I should lose a few pounds. It's nice that they notice and I know it's a compliment, but I kind of would like to do this without anyone making any comments. That is totally my weirdo thing...so I have to just try to ignore it.

Anyway, it's exciting to see the ups and downs but the overall trend of going down! I have 18.2 more lbs to lose, which very likely might take me the rest of 2013...but I kind of don't care? As long as I see the overall declining trend on my little graph...all is well!!

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  1. Good for you. Healthy eating Kiddo. We're counting down the hours til home time. We're very happy. Still moving really slow but if you made a graft we would certainly see it's going up. Whooo Hoooo. Love G&G xxoo