140 days!

Here are two not so lovely pictures of myself, but I like the general concept.
After 140 days, I have managed to lose.......15.6lbs. Four and a half months.

Has it been hard? Not really. But I also have been losing at a super, super slow rate. And, I eat junk from time to time. Perhaps too much. Even though I don't see a different in my body (I didn't take before/after pictures), my clothes fit better or are too big and I just feel better. Less like I'm going to explode out of my skin. . End goal? I don't know. For health reasons, another 14.4 (Let's just call this "Goal Weight A"), for pure vanity (well, and a bit of health) 24.4lbs (Goal Weight B"). I remember when I was weighed Goal Weight B and I worked my freaking ass off and I just couldn't get under that number without being too restrictive. I want to live like a normal life, not always be consumed by calories, blah blah, running, blah blah.

When I was at Goal Weight A, I had (an extremely invasive) medical before I could come here, and when it came to review my weight, she said, I was in great shape. I said, how? I'm not slim and I don't fall within the BMI. She said, "There's NO way that BMI can be used for any measurement of health for most people. You're never going to be super skinny. Ok, honestly, you could lose 5lbs. But other than that? You're super healthy."

(And I know that BMI is not the be all/end all. I'm muscle-ey and tall and whatever. Also, everyone on the plant site is getting their yearly medical, and Louis and another friend were classified as "Overweight". According to BMI - Louis is almost "Obese". Ok, he's let the gym sessions go a bit in the last few months, but he's made of solid muscle. And the other guy is extremely trim with zero beer belly. Just sayin').

I still track my points/activity using Weight Watchers, and I like it. I don't track as much as I would like to, and I think for the last part of the weight loss journey, I'll have to be more of a tracker, but, we'll see. I'm sure in the future, I'll have my fair share of "I feel fat" days to come (the joys of womanhood....and actually, lately it's, "I hate my hair!!!", more than anything), but it's a good feeling to sort of...somewhat start to feel comfortable with my body.

As for the next 15lbs....well, I hope to see that gone in the next....140 days or so...

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  1. Really good job and a very successful way to trim down. Keep up the good work Kiddo and you'll alway be successful.