Acid Trip Gone Wrong

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my.

I may have possibly had my worst night in Madagascar.

First, I'm staying in a French room. I didn't realize that there were French rooms and English rooms. I didn't bring my laptop because I thought I'd just chill and watch TV. I have satellite and like a gazillion channels....ALLLLLL in French. Yes, I deal mainly in French. the end of the day, I want to watch TV in English. Instead of movies filmed in English, then translated to French. AND, I don't have internet access in my room. A week with no TV or internet and I didn't bring ANY books. OH! And my work computer screen is broken so I can't see anything unless it's plugged into a monitor. Urgh.

Second, until I 30? I had a night light. I have always been scared of the dark and my mind has ALWAYS played freaky tricks on my at bed time. There are still nights where I wake up from a dream, unsure of what's going on, and I'll turn on every light I can find. Louis wakes up and is like, Ok, Nicole had some fun dreams last night...

Last night was an insane dream party.

We are pretty isolated here and far from town. The site isn't fenced in like at the plant, but the camp/office is. During the day I had several discussions relating security patrols, etc. which took over last night's dreams.

IN MY DREAM one of the security patrolmen peeped into my window. He was checking out the place and watching me. Multiple times throughout the night.

All night long (not in my dreams) I heard loud crickets chirping (even though my windows were closed) which contributed to MY NEXT DREAM where I woke up, turned on the lamp, and then looked and saw a huge Madagascar hissing cockroach on the ground. Normally, not that big of a deal (although I'm not sure if I've actually seen a Madagascar hissing cockroach apart from the Alberta museum). When I tried to squish it with a big shoe, it started to fly around and then attacked me, got in my hair, and was biting me.

All part of the dream. Back to sleep.

NEXT DREAM - I woke up and remembered that the security guy was checking out my room, and then I remembered how flimsy the doors are in my camp room. All of a sudden there were several security guards trying to storm down the doors.

I woke up countless times....the last time huddled in a corner of my bed (because the guys were storming down the doors).

It's like I have a bad acid trip, minus the acid.

But, it's a new day.  (I'm being moved to an "English" room this afternoon that has internet access) Yesterday went quite well, although it's an insane amount of information to take in. And today started out pretty nice with blue skies....(and red dirt).

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