Before and After

My head is a little messy right now, so I'll keep things light.

Maggie, my step-dog , and I both got our hair cut on the same day while I was in Quebec.

I thought I'd post a Before and After:
I personally like Maggie's before shot better....but...she was starting to carry a certain smell with her. Plus I think she'd start to run into walls and stuff because she can't see.

My before and after is like the typical beauty product add. For the beauty products, the before, they're looking all ugly, no makeup and no smile. And the after, they're all made up, smiling, with a different posture.

So here's my real before and after:

Yeah, I'm sexy and I know it.

For Maggie's before and after....I felt this picture was more suiting....
Like, I totally think like they are brother and sister.

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