Doesn't seem that bad?

My first few hours here...and it doesn't look that bad?

Here's the charter plane that was able to land at the mine. It's pretty often that it can't because of storms/winds/etc.

I was last here November or December 2009 and I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. But it's changed so much. Everything is like...organised. Ok, maybe not organised....but Malagasy organised.

First, there are actual ROADS. Like PAVED roads.
And then, the red dirt. Ahhhhhh red dirt. I will return covered in a red dirt dust that will take forever and a day to disappear. My safety shoes are STILL covered in red dirt from 2009.
 Everything is pretty much red. But on the way, there's some beautiful scenery.
 And then back to red.
So far things are going okay for me here. Maybe I needed to get away for a bit and have the structure of a real start-to-finish audit. Yep, I'm a weirdo. I need an audit to feel better. But I love the structure of the process, the thinking of what can go wrong, the problem solving, working with the clients in a friendly manner while trying to understand the business needs (as opposed to just photocopying evidence for a file and reporting everything that's not perfect), and...meeting new people.

It would be nice to feel healthy....I'm sure that will come. I had the same kind of sick when I was in China and it didn't kill me...

Hoping for a good night and a good rest of the afternoon....

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