Eau d'Idiot

Louis and I will be meeting up with a friend this rotation that we haven't seen in a long time. While gifts aren't necessary, it's kind of nice, and I know he likes wines and fois gras so I thought I'd take a look at the Frankfurt airport to find something German to bring back for him.

Between my zombie-like-state (which I don't understand because there's a one hour time difference and I'm sure I got sixish hours of sleep at least last night), and picking up a bottle of wine that's 205 EUR and then the next bottle is 12 EUR, I was confused.

I see this big VSOP Cognac display and I go over to take a look. Well, just my luck! Our friend has a collection of colognes, and wouldn't it be a neat idea to buy him a cologne made by this fancy cognac company!!

I walk over and smell the first bottle...and it doesn't smell very nice. I can't imagine someone wanting to wear that.

Then, a friendly cognac representative comes over and says, "Do you need any help?"

Me: "Yes, I'm just looking at these two colognes, I haven't seem before."

Smart Cognac guy, "Oh, those aren't colognes, here, let me show you." He took a peice of paper and sprayed it with the second bottle of "cologne" and gave it to me. "It's so you can smell the different cognacs. Can I help you with anything else?"

Louis knew the punchline of the story as soon as the first "cologne" was mentioned.

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