I haven't been telling everyone at work that I'm leaving.

But I'm starting to tell more and more people and more and more people are finding out.

Today, Moose Be came into my office. He wanted to know when I'd be leaving and when I'd be back. And, if I should ship him a moose via sea freight. We got out my map...and figured out that it would die...somewhere on the 30 longitude line. Or is it latitude? I nearly failed every Geography class because I just couldn't remember the difference between the two!

Over three years ago I met Moose Be. His desk was right outside of my office. He was so shy and so scared (read this when he started to....stand up to me ), and I've seen him grow as a person. He's funny, has a very kind heart, and he's pretty talented too.

In this role I don't see him every day...and I kind of miss it.

When he left my office, I didn't....well...cry. Of course I felt sad (but I'll see him many times before I leave), but I felt that I was lucky to have met him, that we were lucky to have met each other, and that yeah, at one point or another, we both made a difference in each others' lives. All this time I've struggled with not making enough of an impact here...and then I get today's little reminder.

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  1. It is the little things in life that have so much meaning. And know that YOU too will leave a piece of you with the many souls you have met and touched in your time their.
    love, mom