Stay Slim Travel Secrets

{I've read so many magazine articles on how to eat healthy while you're travelling. I understand the concept. However, after being fed a limited selection of (not always good) food for six weeks...sometimes things get a little crazy on the way back to Canada. Food is exciting. I certainly don't track my Weight Watcher Points...}
So welcome to my Stay Slim Secrets Post!! You too can feel better and feel the inches melting away while travelling by following this simple regime!
The program includes great ideas of meals and snacks, and you won't have to calorie count!!!
Sample Lunch:
  • 2 200mL cans of full fat Ginger ale with ice
  • Cube/Stick of Cheese with 3 crackers
  • Cake
  • Roasted veggies
  • Seed bun and butter
  • 2 chocolates
  • Meat option  (I ate mine already, I think it was the equivalent of "nuggets", but cut up in a "Business Class" kind of way).
  • Pasta salad  (I can't eat it. It's gross)
Snack: An ice cream bar and a Gatorade/Powerade.

{When I land, I *always* get a Powerade. For some reason this time I decided it was extra-treat day and got a Magnum ice cream bar, which I totally would have been done with after about 1/2 of it. But...whatdy'a going to do with the other half while you're in a taxi?}

Supper: High Calorie salad and a Protein Shake. Come on, you're doing great!!! The secret is, only eat 3/4 of the salad and only 1/2 of the shake. Now you're saving 1/4 of the calories on the salad and 1/2 of the calories on the shake!! It's practically magic!!
Breakfast: Bacon, fruit, and a cappuccino. YUMM!! Yum!!! Savour this meal!!
Snack before workout - don't mind the taste of the wheat grass!
Optional snack. Do you feel the difference after that quick 25 minute workout!! You should!! You're doing great!!!
And then lunch!! Get in your veggies!!!  
 Snack #2
Snack #3, YUM!! Reward yourself for that healthy eating!!
One alcoholic drink on the plane:
Bring your own snack on the plane to save calories and money!! You can do it!!!
Breakfast of Champions!!!
And that's it! I'll be publishing a second "Stay Slim Secrets for International Travel" tomorrow, but the FULL edition of my book, "Stay Slim Secrets For Intercontinental Travel" can be yours today for only $19.99+tax & shipping!

Results Guaranteed*
*results are often not measurable by scales or the naked eye. We have our own in-house scientists that can guarantee the plan is working!

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  1. Wow! How can you even keep track of all that different stuff. Good on Ya. That must be good to at least maintaqin for to-day anyway. Happy eating. Love G&Gxxoo