Undiet Secrets Continued

My sarcastic health post left off after lunch on travel of my 2nd day. Or my 1st day? My brain is confused.
On the way to the plane....we stopped at Haagen Dazs. I had been wanting a milkshake every single time we see a HD but in SA they never have milk for some stupid reason.

What didn't get mention in the last post, is that I prefer to eat my lunches/suppers before I board. The meals on the plane are great, but they are heavy and multiple courses (along with multiple waiting times). I don't know if I'll be tired or awake or what, so I eat in the lounge and bring along snacks.

Snack stolen from the lounge: Nutella and a banana, and then 1/2 a coke when the beverage service started.
I was totally content. But they I had a sip of Louis' Baileys and coffee. And I was FREEZING. So I ordered one. And then, they pass out this basket of crap and you can take whatever you want!! A normal (Weight Watchers) person would have picked one....but I went all hells bells and got a cookie (for my coffee) and a chocolate bar (for my stomach rolls).
Two hours before landing, they always serve a "light meal" which is the kind of meal I would like all the time.
We landed and got back to our place around 20h00 or so? Where multiple spoons of Nutella and a glass of milk was consumed. My 03h00 snack was popcorn and more milk.

So yeah, if I want to not weigh a gazillion pounds...the "normal" eating starts now. Treats are treats - not a multiple per day kind of thing. Although...I did go to McDonalds today at lunch....so I guess the normal eating will start after that.

But it was fun while it lasted!!

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