Yay Parties

Earlier in the week, Louis told me that Laurie (eldest daughter) got into a super hard post-secondary (in Quebec you go to school for 2 years before University). I was like, "That's cool, but we knew she would get in anyways". She's like crazy smart and gets super high marks, and it was basically a given.
A few hours later, I had a lightbulb moment, and was like, WTF? YEAH we knew she would get in, but it doesn't mean the accomplishment is any less!! I sort of apologized to Louis and then said, "We should get a cake or something!"
Insert a bit of arguing if the cake would be homemade or purchases (I wanted to make it....then agreed I didn't have enough time), and a trip to the dollar store and I was set to throw a "Yay, Laurie!" Party.
She came home from school and saw this:


I had bought everything we needed for a cheese fondu supper, and the girls and Louis made it all! I didn't even do the dishes!

Everyone liked it.

Ya know, there's a lot going on in my head these days. Job, family, transitions, etc....

The girls and Louis are no different. Well, maybe their thoughts are different, but everyone has stuff going on at one point or another.

I like the lightbulb moment I had....I think I/we should have a lot more, "Yay X" parties.

Dollar store + amazing IGA cakes = little effort and a lot of reward. Tomorrow Claudie (the one goin' to town on the fondu pot) has a cheer competition, so I bought some baloons in her cheer colors and famous dollar store streamers. No cake or special supper (it will be late), but small silly things like...brighten everyone's mood.

Yay for Yay Parties.

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