Breathing in Swellendam

All Kool-Aid jokes aside, here's how I thought it would all go down at the retreat.

We'd be greeted by some friendly people, who would give us the schedule and rules of the retreat. From sunup to sundown (excluding the three hour break every day), we'd be working hard, pushing our bodies hard, sweat beading down onto our mats, and every day we would go deeper into our poses, working harder and harder to....well whatever we are working harder to.

Obviously, it didn't go as planned, and obviously, I really had the wrong idea what yoga is all together. While it can be a challenge, and it is good exercise, and different classes have different purposes, yoga has nothing to do with forcing yourself. All this time, I heard the yoga teachers say, something to the effect of, "Stay with the breath", but I had NO. IDEA.

I don't think what I "learned" can truly be put into words. And what every person takes away is totally subjective....but I what I would like to think I learned, is to step away from what I'm doing, and focus on breathing. Really breathing. Not taking a deep breath. But breathing until that's your only thought, or, there are no thoughts. I know me and I know that's not always possible. I think it happened possibly a handful of times last week. But when it did, and my thoughts would return, I would think, Holy Crap! Did I just have a moment where I didn't think of a single thought?

That is like, huge progress for my brain.

While I'm in Canada, I'll have a chance to practice yoga in more structured classes (instead of listening to them on my iPhone trying not to smash my legs into anything in the room). But I won't be focusing on pushing my body harder, or deeper into the pose, I'll be focusing on my breath.  And deepening my breath in the pose.

I'm perfectly aware, that anyone reading this, might find all of this to sound really weird. I spent a week in the middle of nowhere, locked down on bed rest, and then I go on to write a post about breathing....and maybe I'll write more about the yoga week, because it wasn't JUST bed rest, there was a lot of learning as well...and overall, I think the week went perfectly.

{Also I like the irony that had problems breathing because I was sick...and then I take away all of this "stuff" about focusing on breathing....}


  1. It sounds like your Yoga retreat was sucessful. Good for you. It's snowing again here. Boo Hoo. Love G&G xxoo


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