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I booked my flight out of here yesterday...I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I could have stayed an extra few days, but on the other hand, it kind of just seems like it would be slowly ripping the band aid off. Also, if I waited a few extra days, I would be flying with Air Mada. I think that's worth a lot not to have to go that route. The last time was a freaking nightmare.

So while I wallow/contain my excitement/cry/smile, I thought I'd do a post of pictures I've taken over the last few weeks. I miss when I used to take pictures and tell the story about them! Maybe I'll get back into that.

This pic was taken on the flight from Johannesburg to Frankfurt. Lufthansa always gives awesome little treats. I had eaten supper in the airport...but I didn't turn down the big chocolate bunny. (Tip: Do not eat a 700 calorie muffin and a chocolate bunny before going to bed. I felt SUPER crappy the next morning) 
Louis didn't feel like eating his, but he thought it was now or never, since I kinda have an addiction problem to chocolate.

Here's a picture of my reflection and the bumper of my rental car. Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for the claim for the scratches. The guy at the return place said it wouldn't be that big of a deal...I hope he's right.
When we arrived in Munich (on our way back to Madagascar), we rented a car. When we got to the rental place, they told us they were overbooked, but for an extra 40 EUR, which was required by law for snow tires or something like that, we could have a Mercedes. We looked at other rental places nearby....and this was still the cheapest by FAR, so we went with it.

It was kind of a surprise when we saw we had rented a freaking van for nine people (or thirty six if we're in Madagascar).
We drove to Innsbruck, Austria. It was really cold out though!! It's good for us to get out during our nearly twelve hour layover because we get a head start on the jet lag process, but perhaps driving during snowfall wasn't the best idea.

We walked around until we found a little cafe where we could eat lunch and warm up.

Jet lag ain't so pretty. Jet lag + cold = pure scariness.
Ok, I still take pictures of stupid things. But seriously....THIS is your advertisement?? This?? A guy with a mullet?!
We were disappointed to have missed the Wildstyle and Tattoo Messe...
We passed by this beautiful...I don't even know what it's called? I took pictures so that I could look it up...but I can't even see what it says on it.

Obviously there were some Canadians visiting! SMILEY

I tried to get a cute picture with Louis next to our mega-van, but he refused!!

The snow was so bad there were speed limits on the Autobahn!

Yeah, not a good sightseeing day.

We got back to the airport, did our typical shower, eat, internet routine, and boarded our plane late. We had a tight connection, so we were sort of concerned.

Then, we get on board and find out we have to de-ice. And they don't have portable de-icing trucks, we have to line up.....which made us leave nearly two hours late.
As we were preparing to land, I asked the flight attendant if we would make our flight. She responded, with the biggest, goofiest grin on her face, "OH! You'll NEVER make it!!!". Like, I don't get where the happiness came from?!

The flight stops boarding twenty minutes before takeoff. We missed it by FOUR minutes (well, it would have been more because we would have had to pass through security and get to the gate), but it was an extremely frustrating process. Even crazier, was because we had booked our tickets on two separate contracts (we always book the Joberg-Tana flight separately. Some airlines don't allow it or charge an extra $2000 or something ridiculous if you book them together. Not sure why). Because they were booked on two separate contracts, and we were late because of South African Airways, and we missed our SAA connection - they could not do anything. ????????? We would have to purchase NEW tickets and put ourselves up in a hotel for the night. We had to fight with a whole bunch of people, and finally one rational lady said, "Come on. It's SAA to SAA and we made them miss it. Just do it." Only took...two-ish hours to get it figured out (maybe a bit longer, but in the grand scheme of things, this is a small airport snafu).

So we checked into our hotel room, slept for a stupidly long time, and then went back to the airport for supper and drinks! I had 1.5 of some serious strong drinks and woke up with a killer headache. I guess I'm a granny now...
Ahhhh, Easter Morning.

Louis had actually forgotten the coveted Creme Eggs. This is part of how our relationship started. He saw that I was dying for some on a Facebook post I wrote, and so he brought me some back. He gave them to me in front of everyone and it was such a big deal and super obvious that he was interested in me. I ignored that part, and I ignored all the comments that I got...and continued on as being friends. But I've never forgotten that, and to this day, I think these sugar-filled eggs sped up the "Ok, should we talk about dating" process.

LUCKILY for him, a friend was arriving Saturday night, so he was able to bring some back. I'm not sure what the consequences would have been if he had forgotten the golden Creme Eggs. (Yes, I've eaten all six already).
On our way back from lunch (pre-Cadbury Egg-eating) we got caught in a storm. We huddled under the bar to try to keep dry...
But basically gave up. It's hard to see, but every time it rains, we have a lake outside our place.
I tried to take a self-portrait....it didn't work out so well.
The lakes continue on both sides of our house. Getting into the truck sometimes is a bit of an acrobatic move.
Later on Sunday, we went into town to meet up with two friends for a drink. Since I'm in granny mode, I had a sparkling water. SOMETIMES, when I'm feeling extra crazy, I drink TWO sparkling waters. And everyone around me is like, "What??? You be crazy!"

Next up: Me and my spectacles. Somehow I scratched my left eye. So I'm stuck wearing these things for a week or so (I think less....because they are in super bad condition and are nearly impossible to work out with. I have a nice new pair waiting for me back in Quebec).
Lastly, I was about 0.0001 seconds from walking into this spider web last night. Gross, gross, gross. And really, on the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty small spider here. But the web was ginormous!!

And that's all I got.

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  1. I flew Lufthansa for the first time this past week, to and from Geneva via Frankfurt. I agree that they always have nice treats, even in coach. Frankfurt airport is awesome, we ate at Hausmann's in hall A last night on a long layover, it was delicious!