Meawhile...back in Canada

While I'm having a blast wrapping up my time here....things back home aren't always so fantastic.

Something that I don’t often write about anymore is how things are going with my grandpa back in Canada.

You may recall that he had heart surgery late October. It was an incredibly invasive operation (like breaking his ribs!) and his recovery isn’t going as expected.

I’ve often thought about cancelling (or at least shortening) my trip so that I can go be with my grandpa and the rest of my family. I don't know what good that would do, but it feels odd to be here, while they're all the way over there...not having a vacation....

From the moment I was born, my grandparents played a huge roll in my life. My grandparents are pretty young - we even went on a tube cave/rafting trip when we were in Hawaii!

Although they are both pretty jokey, my grandpa is the big joker. Teasing and goofing around….Often when I was younger, I’d hear my grandma say (in a mock-scolding tone), “Nicole, don’t laugh! It just encourages him!”

Although he was always there, my grandpa (and uncle for that matter) stepped in when I needed more of a father-figure presence in my life. Nothing was ever discussed, nothing was ever said, it’s just how it went. I never felt a lack of love, that’s for sure.

My grandparents even took me into their home when I wanted to stay in Alberta when my parents moved to British Columbia. An 18 year old…that couldn’t have been a party all the time (especially because my grandpa is a clean freak and I am a MESS freak….)

If I could say anything to him right now, I’d tell him to keep fighting. As hard as he’s fought for over six months, he has to continue to fight. I can't even imagine how hard this is for him. Seven months is a very, very long time to fight. But there’s a long list of people that love him, that don’t care if there are some things that have changed since the surgery. These people will continue to have the same respect and love for him as they always have. And if he feels discouraged, or if he feels like giving up, that he should think of the dozens upon dozens of people that love him so much for the person that he is. Maybe it’s selfish of us, but we aren’t ready for him to give up. And we can’t fight his battle, but we would take away the suffering in a heartbeat for him. Because he’s loved that much.

I could fill pages and pages of great memories and funny stories of my grandpa, but I don’t want to. Because there’s still more to come. Maybe they’ll be different, maybe we’ll have to learn how to adapt. But there’s still more to come.

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