Smack-Shocked Tourist in Prague

I haven't taken many pictures since I've been here, but I've kind if just been straggling around, hoping not to get lost. But the area where my apartment get lost down every street and find a place that you wanted to see!!

It's obviously where most of the tourists are, but I kinda like that for now. I'm not totally comfortable and I like that there are other people like me all around me.

So far, my apartment is great! It's seriously the tiniest room I could have imagined, but it works perfect. The owner was here earlier and is helping me try to find my luggage....which I hope arrives tomorrow. I have been wearing the same clothes since Monday morning and its Tuesday night (gross). The funny thing is usually I travel with 2 changes of clothing plus another pair of shoes, but my packing strategy is different for this trip. Oh, well.

Although I'm like a gazillion times better...I'm still sick. So it's even better that the apartment is so close to everything because I can come home whenever I want/need to.

I had a nap this afternoon, and finally when I was hungry, I chose a restaurant that I saw earlier on in the day, and was locking up my mini apartment, and I was like, Who is this person? Did I really just fly to a city I don't know? Where I don't speak the language (lots if English spoken though)? And now I'm all just gonna go for supper by myself and chill out on the patio.

I know I've travelled and stuff, but sometimes I'm like smack-shocked (oh, I'm making that a new saying!!!) that I'm like all Mrs-World-Traveller. Cause I'm not...but I guess, I am. If that makes any sense?

Anyway, it's smack-shocking surreal sometimes.

Crossing my fingers for luggage tomorrow....

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