This week's Schedule

Monday: work a bit in the afternoon, hang around camp, pack, run.

Tuesday: go to work in the morning, pack, pedicure & supper p a friend.

Wednesday: go to work in the morning, pack, run, work meeting i the afternoon, supper at a friend's house.

Thursday: possibly go to the office in the morning ( just to finish any travel related stuff, run, FINISH packing, work meeting in the afternoon, drop off my donated stuff, drinks at the Tiki Bar with whoever is around.

Friday: go for breakfast, maybe go for a drive in town, get Louis to help me with my suitcases, not cry, not cry, not cry, not cry, probably cry, and then fly to Tana, to Joberg, to Cape Town.

I'm trying not to dread Friday. I'm so glad I decided to leave earlier and not drag out my time here forever. It's nice, but it will be hard to hang out here knowing I'm flying out.

Anyway...I think it will be a good week! Possibly with a little too muck alcohol involved?