To me :)

Last night was seriously one of there best parties. Dancing, singing, the band, another fantastic Madagascar memory was added to the already long list.

I am so flattered and honored that Louis would go through so much effort and that the guys in the band got together every night after a 12 (or more) hour day of work to practice. And even cooler that I got up to sing "If You're Not In It For Love" by Shania Twain (last words of the song are, "I'm outta here!!"

Saturday is my official last day of work, but I'll be around here until the 19th. I wanted to do a few things before I left, so I'll either work from home or go into the office for a few hours for a couple of days.

I am so, so, so lucky to have had this opportunity. I'm so thankful that (for the most part) since I've been back this rotation, I've been able to just be happy that I was here, happy that I got to have these experiences, and happy that I met all of these fantastic people. I am truly so incredibly blessed.

As soon as I can get my hands on some videos', they'll be posted. Although I'm feeling quite rough around the edges at the moment (humidity + heat + hours of dancing + 4 drinks = massive hangover), I'm feeling so loved and lucky.

Becoming an expat is full of so many ups and downs, complete with transformation and life altering experiences whether you want them or not....But it's also the best thing that's happened to me.

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