Well that's fantastic. I just post how I'm choosing to be happy and I have a day like today. Which I guess does go hand in hand with "Choose Happiness" or whatever, because, yeah, I'll have some bad days.

Things didn't go as planned and I stayed home this morning because there was an IT glitch and I couldn't access my account (which ended up getting fixed but I stayed home anyways). I spend the morning packing and cleaning, and then met Louis for lunch.

The plan was to go into the office.

All morning I felt unsettled, anxious, and out of sorts. I thought about running and couldn't really convince myself. After lunch, Louis said like one comment that I didn't like, so I got up, left the table, and walked back home, defeated, and certainly not going into the office.

Ten minutes later, Louis got a crying phone call, me apologizing, me being angry (actually sad), and just...really not myself. Certainly not happy. His best advice was to watch some TV, take a nap, and that I'd feel better after. I did, and I did. But still not myself.

I went for that run, and for half of it, I was having fun, and the other half, I was thinking about stupid work stuff that was pissing me off. I have like...three small things to do that I'd like to just have tied neatly in a bow before I leave. I'm not letting perfect be the evil of good, I just would feel better if they would be a little tidier. And...I kinda don't know what else to do. Relax by the pool? It's the start of winter and we're having a tropical storm come our way. Work out? Ok, that will work. Read? Good for a bit. Watch cool TV shows? Again, that will work for a short bit...

So for now, I'm going to work in the mornings. I can finish my three things and have some kind of routine. In the afternoons, I can pack/clean/organize/nap, and then go for a run in the early evening, and then my nights are planned for the rest of the week. I guess that will help too. Tonight Louis and I are watching Borat....'cause that's what I wanted to do.

I'm dreading Friday. I can't decide if I want Louis to like, come home 4 minutes before I have to fly, or if I want to spend the morning with him. I can't express enough how much of a wonderful guy Louis is. He keeps telling me not to think of this as an end as something, like, and "end to working together', but just to think of it as something different. Sure, it's not our first choice, but we're in this for the long haul, and this is just something different that we're doing.

I don't know if he can understand the impact he's had in my "Choose Happiness" project. It seems almost effortless for him to think of the best in every situation. I'm sure it's not and it's work, but it's a habit he's had forever.

So, today's behind me. Borat's ahead of me. And tomorrow's a new day.

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