I'm playing around with a bunch of things to be able to keep in touch during the time that I'm leaving Madagascar to the time that I arrive back in Canada (43 days later. Still can't say it without laughing. Still don't really beleive it's happening!)

I have a Twitter Account, my name is (totally creative, hey?)

And I have an Instagram account, my name is

I'm essentially technology slow with these kinds of things...I think you have to have an account to follow me. But from what I hear, most people already have these accounts? I don't know.

Anyway, I won't always have lots of internet time, so I thought I could put up some pictures as I go along, or "tweet" where I am or what I'm doing (and that I'm safe).

I hope to still blog post, but I don't have a clue what things will be like for the next (ahhh!!) 43 days, and maybe I want to get into this whole social media thing again. Who knows.

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