Yay! Vacation Day #1

(Sorry - horribly dorky title. I'm sucking at titles lately)
Today was actually a vacation day! Things started out a little rough. I went to walk to the waterfront for breakfast, but my stupid eye prevented me. It's so light sensitive, that even wearing sunglasses over my glasses (yeah, it's as sexy as it sounds), I have to either close or cover my eye. Extremely uncomfortable and not so fun to be outside.

I noticed that there was a Woolworths Food (seriously, I think I live in Woolworths when I'm in SA) so I went in and did some grocery shopping (I have a kitchenette in my room). I love grocery shopping in a smaller store, going down every aisle to see what's new, etc. A few minutes into my experience, I um...well, ya know how travelling sometimes effects your stomach? Well, I was having an emergency (I'm sorry that this blog has so much bathroom talk. But that's how I roll). I stood there in panic. I couldn't decide what to do. Stores like this don't have a public washroom. I was going over the options in my head...crap my pants in the store, or run back to my hotel and half crap my pants. I must have a pained look on my face, because a store attendant asked me if I was ok. I stammered that I needed a toilet, and he led me into the back shop/staff area. THANK YOU SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although it was quite embarrassing (although not as embarrassing as putting in the world wide web?!), I was so thankful.

I finished my grocery shopping, went and bought a coffee and back to my hotel room...trying to decide what to do. Louis Skype Chatted me, and convinced me to go to the eye doctor, which is conveniently located in the mall on the waterfront. I have an eye problem that is most likely going to go away on it's own, and if it's not feeling much better by Monday, I have to go back and get antibiotics.

So, I did some shopping (for only necessities...I'm impressed by my spending so far!) and then decided to visit the aquarium, since it's mainly indoors/underground. Pretty fish, scary sharks, you know, like every other aquarium in the world. But it was nice anyway.

I found some shade and sat outside and had the best grilled calamari, enjoyed the view, and then came back to the hotel to paint my nails. Then removed the paint. Then called my grandma (I am in shock and awe that Skype actually worked for an entire like forty minutes). Exciting times, hey?

So, back to these necessities. I'm all for getting the absolute most out of this yoga retreat. We will be eating locally grown, vegetarian meals. Ok. I'm not a big meat eater, but...what if I feel like I want some meat? Or...an Oreo? Will I get less of a benefit from the yoga stuff?

So...I bought some biltong (like beef jerky that's been sitting out since 1934, although SA people love it) and I'm planning on buying like, a small pack of cookies or something. If on our first day, I find out that meat and Oreos has this like horrible effect and will lessen the benefit, then I'll ditch them (or put them in the safe? And then lose the code? So if I eat them, I'll have to get front desk to unlock the safe and go through the embarrassment of them finding biltong and Oreos?).

Tonight's TV/movie night. Or sleeping night. I haven't decided. I have some groceries and I'm going to make myself a nice supper. Or, I could actually be like, adventurous and take a taxi and go for supper along the water. Maybe tomorrow.

(Hating Blogger right now - I can't upload ANY pictures).