Yeah for not flying until the 29th...

Louis and I always talked about this day....the day where we'd be the poor saps in Economy and we'd pass the Business section and say, Remember when?

Well, my first flight in and I'm already thinking back to the glory days.

It starts first with Air Madagascar telling me that my luggage weight is too heavy. I know it is not. I have a GOLD Star Alliance card, I know the rules. I've memorized the rules. AND I've flown with way more baggage, had the SAME fight, and then hey realize, oh, yeah, and all is good.

I was rushed, I was frustrated, I didn't want to fight, my eye hurt, so I gave in. And paid the $150USD for my second piece of luggage. (That will be reimbursed for my demobilization!).

I didn't have a problem waiting outside, because I didn't have lounge access (and the password hadn't changed so my wifi still worked), I didn't have a problem being mildly crammed into the flight. I had a problem where there was a twenty minute window where I didn't know if I'd get my freaking Ginger ale or not. The meal was inedible, but I could care less about that. I NEED a Ginger ale upon leaving Madagascar. It's a tradition that can't be broken. Just as my heart rate started to rise....i saw the drink cart.

After I got Joberg, I went through IN-TRANSIT customs...and got to security line where the nice man said, "Ma'am, you are lost. This is international side."

OF COURSE. It's what I always do, so I just continued be on autopilot.

So I walked allllllllllllll the way back and then went through regular customs.

Then I stopped at the baggage re-check, where I was told that i had to go back into the secure area and pick up my bags. yes, this is common traveller sense. But I'm not always common sensed.

I went back, picked my bags up, checked them back in, ran so that i could get a muffin (the 700 calorie kind), and got to my gate 5 minutes before boarding started....except we were delayed. Cause that's how it is.

I heard that boarding is starting so I go to the back of a very, very long line up and wait my turn, instead of going to the special Priority Boarding (I'll get over it, it's the first day, okay?) and then my ticket won't scan.

Well that's because I've been standing in the wrong line at the wrong freaking gate!!! (Clearly marked Durban and not Cape Town)

I get to the right gate, I wait the ridiculous amount of time to board, and then just as I'm so close to actually being on the plane, an air crew member tells me, I have to check my carry on. SCREW YOU! My carry on has specifically been planned and organized as to not have any issues. It is literally the smallest carry on you can buy - and it's ridiculously cheap, so I can't even stuff it!!!

I fought with him, and he said, "Ma'am, this doesn't have to be a fight". I said, "Yes, it doesn't have to be a fight! Look at the size of this thing!!" (Like, I think it's the same size as one of those like Hello Kitty or Superman ones for kids). He doesn't budge. Then I see people boarding with freaking huge bags! So I tell him, "Stop them then!!! He says, "No, they are VIP". I said, "HERE'S My GOLD CARD! I'm VIP!" And he lets me go.(Which makes zero sense because I was WELL within the carry on limit and there was PLENTY of space).

OK, so normally I wouldn't be such a cow about that, but I have contacts, medication, my laptop, ALL of my important documents in this carry on. Its not getting checked. I would be SCREWED without it.

Anyway, I boarded. I was the middle seat. Our luggage sat out in the rain for 30ish minutes. We taxied for 30ish minutes. I was sat with a Chinese Tour Group that felt the need to scream-talk the entire way. At one point, I wanted to sussh them. I was so, so, so close to shushing them.

Anyway, I'm here.  I'm starving because I didn't eat on the plane and I guess a 700 calorie muffin isn't good enough for lunch and dinner...but I'm sure I have some nuts hoarded somewhere.

The hotel/B&B is cute. I was just about to complain that the Internet isn't working (extremely common in SA) and that the carpets are a little yucky (the rest of the place is perfectly white and clean) and then I did the conversion of the cost per night here.... $38USD. Um...I'll take some dirty-ish carpets and some half-working internet for that price.

The staff has been super friendly so far, and I even think breakfast is included AND I'm (apparently) within walking distance to the V&A Waterfront.


That was a long day.

(Not helped by the fact that yet again, I have scratched my eye and can barely keep it open. Thankfully a friend/expat had some drops which seem to be helping. Oh, and I totally caused an airport goodbye scene with Louis. While the entire bus of people waiting to catch the charter watched. Ohhhhhhhh well.)

Tomorrow - I have an exiting day planned!! I have to go and buy a yoga mat and some bras!! (And do touristy things. I think. If it's this cold, I may just watch movies in bed, because I'm on vacation and get to do what i want!!!)

And, I'll stop with the Economy complaining soon, I swear!! Right now I'm just happy to be out of any airports!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Nicole, you will never get over economy but you will be OK, Safe travels and have a really wonderful time.Love G@G xxoo


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