Yoga Friday

Well, today I was able to leave the cottage grounds! I had brunch at the house and then went to a "teachings" class. How very interesting yoga is. It's a subject at which you could study and practice your entire life and never know it all, until you've experienced it all.

Like, Christianity as an example. You can study and learn the bible front to back, and practice it's teachings throughout your life, but until you've lived your entire life you'll never truly know it all.

Religion wasn't the topic of discussion today (I think they would try to steer clear of that) but its something that I was thinking about.

Many Christians (or other religions) have issues with practicing yoga, but I don't quite understand the complexities of the reluctance. Yoga is full of breath, life, and God, or whatever higher being or spiritual influence is in your life. Yoga doesn't define the path, but brings awareness to your breath, allowing whatever issues you may be holding on to to surface and be dealt with, so that the mind can be calm and free. Or not, since its always a practice and nothing is an overnight process. Now I've explained this in an extremely abbreviated form, and I'm not trying to get into a debate about religion, but I find it all intensely interesting and will no longer be practicing yoga as an exercise for the body, but for my mind and spirit. I also won't be practicing yoga anytime this week. :S

I've accepted the fact that THIS is my retreat. THIS is what my body needed. This is part of what I was searching for. I'm not done, but that's part of the life long process if learning.

I was going to write about some of the negatives here, but I don't want to focus too much on them. At times I wish this was an enforced silent time, because, although its possible that I am quite sensitive at the moment, there is a lot if projection going in when we do get involved in discussions. Not a drop of negative intent from anyone, and never from Susie, the organizer, but at times it's distracting, although I'm sure I fall into the trap and may have done the same.

It's hard to believe I've been here since Monday, the week had gone by so quickly as much as its dragged on. But every day now I'm feeling stronger.

Tonight, in the absolute dark, I hung my laundry to dry, hoping to hear the baboons again. They were so active last night and this morning.

Well, maybe it's good they're quiet tonight. All of my ginchies are hanging out to dry and I'd hate to see the baboons walking around the farm with some purple pannies tomorrow. :P


  1. I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. Things are going better for us as well. Life uis good all the way around isn't it. I can't get into my mailbox so until I can I have to speak to you here or on facebook. Continue to get better and enjoy your retreat. Love G&G XXOO


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