Yoga Retreat, Day ?

I'm not sure what day of the retreat it is since I'm only awake for small portions of the day. :S

Of all the places I could be sick, thank goodness it's here. I can't even describe how amazing Susie and Diana are at being nurses for the week. Especially with strangers, I don't like people in my space when I'm sick, but I'm starting to be much more open and just appreciate that they are here. I still feel pretty horrible today, in comparison to yesterday I'm a whole new person. Nights always seem to be the worst, last night I was up with several coughing attacks lasting a good half hour each, one loud enough to wake my neighbour in the very early hours, who came with a kettle for a make shift steam bath. 

The more I learn about this retreat, the more I think that maybe, just maybe, this is how I was meant to spend it. It's not pleasant, but the last few months have been rough, knowing that I'll be leaving Madagascar, and maybe I just needed to stay in bed and rest, and this is my body's way of forcing it upon me. I don't know, maybe it's the drugs talking...but I can't help thinking about a quote that goes something along the lines of, "Man creates plans, God laughs". 

I was able to be up for a bit this afternoon and went outside. It is so incredibly beautiful here. When I'm stronger, I'll have to take pictures. 

Last night I went outside for a few minutes (it's quite warm) and listened to the baboons until I thought they were getting too close so I went inside. 

Tomorrow, I hope to be well enough to go to brunch and Sanskrit lectures midmorning. Yes, it feels just as weird to write it, but it's fascinating learning about something that was written thousands upon thousands of years ago, and how it can be carried forward throughout all the years. 

Hoping for a more restful night and feeling stronger in the morning!

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  1. You just rest and get better. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Love G&G xxoo