A little sad

So I guess....even though lots of cool and good things happened today, I still had a crappy day.

I'm tired of not being 100% healthy. I know these breathing/coughing things take a long time to get over...but it sucks not feeling fantastic. I'll be fine, I'm resting, it's all part of the process... but I'm kind of lonely today.

I kind of miss my Madagascar people. For the first time, I can say that I really miss Louis. It's not that I didn't miss him before, but I knew we were going to be apart and I guess my brain was sort of prepared for that. But today, I miss him. And it just works out that today isn't a day where we'll be able to chat. Which makes me think I'll have to get used to these days, which just isn't good for me to think about.

So I'm kind of sad. Not, like "worry about me" but just, "this is a transition" sad.

Great timing that it is, I have a tour starting in just under an hour. I'll finally learn what everything is.

I walked across the Charles Bridge today, looking at all the Saints...and I kinda felt myself thinking...I'm not Catholic enough to, like...know all of this stuff. My dad was Catholic but I grew up Protestant and I didn't go to Catholic school, so I'm kinda lost with all the Saints and stuff. I'll have to google some of it, I guess.

Oh - here's some fantastic news - all luggage has arrived and nothing appears to be missing. That's also very fantastic because I was hating the discount jeans that I bought yesterday and they were making me in a worse mood. :P

Ok, off to my tour, and something tells me that I'll be in a better mood after.

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