iPhone Pics v2 - Prague

I haven't even charged my camera yet, so I thought I'd dump some of my iPhone pictures that I've taken so far. Sorry for the crappy quality.
Here's the apartment I'm staying in...I wish I knew the square footage, it's insanely small, but works pretty good.
 I got lost my first day (ok, all I do is get lost here) and stumbled on to Old Town Square. Perfect!

 I went down the wrong street again, and found Charles Bridge!

 And the Vltava river
 All the outdoor cafes haves clean, new fleece blankets that you use while you eat outside.
 I eat breakfast here every morning, they cook these bread things over an open flame.
 It was nearly 3pm and I hadn't eaten lunch, and I was confused at two of the cafes I went to, so I ate here. The sausage was good, but I could only eat about a third!

 Lunch-time entertainment.
 Everywhere and anywhere, there are street performers: dancers, violinists, etc.
 Oh - here are those bread things they make. It's a nice place to warm up in too!
Another shot at Old Times Square
 Czechs LOVE pork! Everything is pig, pig, pig!
 The Astronomical Clock. I'll take a tour tomorrow to find out the history behind it.

 Everyone was just standing there, watching it...I waited a few minutes but couldn't quite figure out what was going on.

So far every night after supper, I walk to this same store and buy an orange and water. I should go to Tesco, but going this way seems more fun.
 The streets are dark but full of people (usually), so I feel pretty safe

 And ending back at my hotel!
 Oh - I can't forget Google Maps. Prague is great for wandering around, but I can't find anything. I freaking love that I have this to help me find stuff (and yes, last night I was looking for TGIFriday's, I know, I'm a dork.)

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