Party in Prague

I think Prague is one of these cities you just walk around in. I went out to get a few clothes and toiletries, and all of a sudden it was five o'clock, and I certainly wasn't shopping all that time. One road leads into another road leads onto another road with something interesting that I want to see...and on it goes.

Tomorrow I'm taking a proper tour, because I feel like I'm looking at all of these incredible buildings but don't have a clue what they are, they just look incredible.

So, my stomach is still blah. I thought it would go away with when I stopped taking antibiotics, but no such luck. So...for the second night in a row...I've eaten at the Hard Rock Cafe....I want plain salads, especially after trying a kielbasa this afternoon. And the location is fantastic, it's outside and they have little blankets and I can people watch. I'll take in the local food when I'm cycling or feeling better, but for now I'm THAT super lame tourist. But I guess it's my lameness to have. :)

Ok, tomorrow, WWII & Communism walking tour. Tonight, a tv show and bed. Party!!

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