A Quick Walk

I needed some BBQ sauce so I decided to walk to the grocery store. Including shopping steps, it's only 1.5km there and back.

I live to walk and listen to music on my iPhone, occasionally throwing a dance move or two in the mix.

Before: My runs in camp were completely in the dark, so it was pretty hard for anyone to see my goofiness.

Now: Uhhh, oh, who cares. I look like a goof, but I do try to minimize the dancing when I know people can obviously see me. 

It's also soooo amazing to see the trees, grass, flowers, etc. We had them in the camp, but everything seems so much brighter here. I couldn't stop taking pictures of flowers! 

I can't get over how surreal everything feels!

{And I just looked back and saw that I'm making progress!! I can talk to Louis at nighttime and I'm not weepy, like how I was up until a few weeks ago!