Adjustment Process

Oh yeah....EVERYONE told me this would happen....I kinda forgot...
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Click here to find an article I really enjoyed reading.

"Expats returning home can expect their top re-entry challenges being:

- Boredom
- No one wants to listen
- You can’t explain
- Reverse homesickness
- Relationships have changed
- People see “wrong” changes
- People misunderstand you
- Feelings of alienation
- Inability to apply new knowledge and skills
- Loss/compartmentalization of experience
(according to Dr. Bruce La Brack from the School of International Studies at University of the Pacific)"

I especially enjoyed this analogy:
“Re-entry shock is when you feel like you are wearing contact lenses in the wrong eyes. Everything looks almost right.”

So true. Everything is the same...but so different.

Gotta keep this in mind....