This sucks.

I blabber on about perspective and how it makes such a big difference, but right now, everything pretty much sucks.

Nights suck.

I guess they are a little easier when I take a gym I guess I'm taking a gym class every night.
I didn't take one tonight because spinning last night knocked me out.

On top of it, Louis doesn't have internet in the camp at the moment, so we haven't seen each other's face in awhile, and his work is ridiculously, crazy busy.

So I'm here. No friends. No family. A borrowed dog for the week that is ridiculously high maintenance.

I've tried to find a continuing education course I can sign up for, but I quit because my computer crashes non-stop. I thought I'd get a head start and register for something before I leave for Borden on Sunday, but I think I'm way behind because I should have registered in May...but I wasn't thinking about that at the time.

When I'm back from Borden, I can find a day-time yoga class to go to...I know that will help. And I'm sure if I use a different computer that doesn't crash, I can find some kind of course to take. I really wanted a Business Writing course, but it looks like I'm too late. Or maybe I can find an on-line course to take...and give myself some deadlines and stuff. Something to keep my brain going.

In July, I'm meeting a friend's sister-in-law and my friend is trying to set us up on a "friend date" so that I can start to get to know someone.

AGAIN, when I'm back from Borden, I can search volunteer websites.

Tonight is pretty negative...I miss work, I miss my work-friends, I miss living with Louis...I just miss my old life so incredibly much.

Tomorrow is a new day...& I'm taking an early gym class because I'm meeting the girls for supper in the evening. I think this is ridiculously nice of them to do's their last day of school and they're hanging out with me for a bit on a Friday night. I'm happy for that.