Alright, yesterday things were a little bleak. Actually, until the afternoon, things didn't seem that much better...

But I didn't feel like being sad, and I knew that if I did one of the things I set out to do on today's To-Do-List, that I'd probably feel better...

  • Buy dog food
  • grocery shop
  • follow up on a few job leads
Let's just start with the dog food. Oh my. Driving is seriously something that brings me no enjoyment. Thank goodness for my little GPS...or I'd go crazy. Actually, it drives me a little crazy because it talks in English and reads all of the French signs phonetically...but moving on...

There is a ridiculous amount of road construction, and poor little GPS isn't always up to date. So I heard the stupid, "RECALCULATING" message, at least three times...and yes, there was a lot of swearing and talking to myself. At one point, I was confused which exit to take, so I was going ten km less than the speed limit and I got honked at twice and given the finger. Ok, I admit, it would be pretty annoying, but road rage much?! It took me twice as long to get to as originally calculated, but I got there (it's a special store. Princess puppy can't just have any old dog food! ).

Then I thought...what's the nicest thing I could do for myself right now, since I wasn't really into driving just yet. I hadn't eaten lunch, so I went to St. Hubert, which is sort of, kind of, like a Swiss Chalet, but not as good (although Quebecers would probably say the reverse). I had this poutine covered with chicken and their own sauce, while reading about the Montreal mayor's arrest...

Healthy, huh? Yesterday McDonalds, today poutine...at least I'm working out! (and couldn't eat much of it...it wasn't that good ).

After I eat some grub, I attempted to drive back. It went a lot easier...and I think I only got the "RECALCULATING" message once. Woo hoo! I even somehow ran into an IGA that I had been meaning to go to, because I've been on the hunt for this for too long:

I'm sure it's horrible for you and full of processed crap, but add this to greek yogurt and dip carrots in it and it's the best thing ever. Like, ever. And NO ONE seems to sell it! Back in Madagascar, it was always the small things that made the biggest difference, and this was certainly one of those small things!!
Although this little creature is kind of driving me crazy all the time, she was pretty fun to have around this morning. She's kind of dirty and I'm sort of allergic (or mildly allergic?) to her, so she got a bath. In the end, I got into the tub because it was just that much easier.

She pretty much turns into an insane dog and runs around like crazy for fifteen minutes or so. I was a soaking mess, but she at least she's clean, for now!

While I was out today, I was thinking about, like, my situation. It's not easy. There are no guides, or "how to" manuals...and I think I've been frustrated that there hasn't been a simple Step-By-Step Guideline On How To Be Married To Someone Overseas While Adjusting Back To Life In Canada...
I'm just going off whatever crap I can find off the internet that sounds reasonable and what I've "heard" it's like. There's no normal because this isn't a normal thing. I can read about "re-entry" or whatever I want to call it, but no two people's experiences are the same...so I just gotta do what I gotta do. Maybe I've said this twenty times already. I'll probably have the same "revalation" another twenty more times before it starts to sink in. Which I guess is how it's going to work for me, for now