Back to the Jungle

Louis flies out of Canada at 19h50 today.


I've had the odd five minute tear fest...but overall, I'll be okay I'm trying to be okay. I have lots of plans and preparations made for the next six weeks (assuming I don't find a job, but from now on that goes without mentionning).

The theme of the next six weeks will be finding social networks. I have a few connections already, I just have to make a bit more effort.

The past two weeks have been almost like a honeymoon. Previously when we were both in Canada, we both had a million errands to do, whereas now, there's just one of us with errands, some of which I can help with. Louis was more relaxed, I was more relaxed, and we got to enjoy each other's company and do fun things and not just errands.

Also spending five days in Quebec City, randomly seeing different family members, really helped me so much.

I'm going to an intense spin class tonight, which I hope will help. Oh...and I have Maggie with me tonight too. For as annoying as she can be, at least I'll have some company. :)