One Step Closer to a Coke Slurpee

I wonder about the people that read my blog (I see you on Google Reader, yet I never see you comment, I have never understood that).. Is it some kind of car-crash effect? You can't turn away from watching the mess unfold?

Today wasn't my best day, and there are some behind the scenes issues where I wasn't surprised that I felt so blue/crappy, but I tried, I guess.

I went to this river that I drove by that always looked nice. The dog came with me and she had a freaking party. So many things to smell and lots of room to run around (by run around, I mean I tell her to go one direction, then call her back and tell her to go the other direction, because she is always on a leash as she is listening-challenged and/or I am lacking in Ceasar Milan training). She even conquered her fear of drinking water from a container outside of her cage. I'm not kidding. She's scared of containers and she's scared to drink water from any bowl outside of her cage. Big steps.

Anyway, the park was kind of a bust. It was a warm day, and I thought the dog would at least go in a bit, but there's no wading/swimming allowed. Lots of paddle boats and two-person kayaks, AND, the ENTIRE time we were there, there was a young child having a screaming/crying fit, which wasn't pleasant on the ears, but also kept freaking Maggie out. I'm not a parent, but at one point (like 30 minutes of ear-hurting [no - not blood curdling - ear-hurting] screaming), I think you call it a day, and head back to the car until the kid calms down. Then again, I don't know all of the details, so, who I am to judge (except someone who was really annoyed by the non-stop screaming).

On the way back to the car, I sat on the grass and called Louis and talked to him before he went to bed. This long-distance thing + the I-don't-know-anyone thing is really tough on the both of us. Sometimes I get frustrated and angry at the situation, which I know doesn't change anything, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to accept it yet. I could go on about the valid reasons why me being in Canada makes zero sense, but it's all stupid details (as opposed to the so-not-stupid details that I just told you about Maggie's water drinking accomplishment :P).

After I came home, I felt sorry for myself, talked on the phone a bit, and then decided to go to a movie. I'm not really a movie person....I secretly tell Louis that we should watch a movie, when I'm tired and want a nap. I rarely stay awake for the entire thing, but I went a couple of times this month and liked it, so I thought I'd be brave and see a movie by myself. I saw Grown Ups 2 and...well...I used to be a huge Adam Sandler fan, but he's too much feel-good-potty humor, which is a big statement coming from me. HOWEVER, they had a Barq's Cream Soda flavored slush, which is the closing thing I've seen to a Coke slurpee, so I was very excited.

I'm really trying to create a life and a balance here. I know it's not overnight and I know I can't try too hard and I know these are some unique circumstances. So today sucked, but I still tried. I didn't sit around all day crying or being blue, I'm getting out and doing fun stuff, not just errands, so I guess that's progress.

And there has been progress. I arrived back in Canada less than two months ago, and already I'm doing things that I thought were near impossible (um...Montreal freeway!?!).

Not sure what's on for tomorrow, but I'd like to start a Starbucks Sunday tradition, as I went last Sunday. We're all Cafe Depot around here (blahhhhhhhhhhh), so it's not an every day thing (plus I'm unemployed, so it can't be an every day thing).