After deciding to stay here another week, and then trying to go find the really nice yet affordable place that I would stay at, I had a crazy lunatic breakdown. Or panic attack. I don´t know what happened and I´m too tired to try to figure out what happened, but one thing I know for sure is that I´m going to Edmonton.

A last minute flight from Tenerife to Edmonton can be quite pricey, so I´m saving a few THOUSAND DOLLARS and taking the milk route. Tenerife to London, London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Vancouver, Vancouver to Edmonton. I´ll spend the night at the London Gatwick airport (never been there), but it´s still the quickest and most economical option. There were some cheaper options but they were totally insane.

I suspect the travelling day will suck, but I don´t care. I´m not ready for Montreal.

I´m not moving back to Edmonton. I´m not sure where my home base will be. But at least there I can see familiar faces when I´m able to and job hunt like a machine.

This trip has been amazing. I don´t know where I´d be without it as far as sanity goes.

I know I have a lot of unfamiliar territory ahead of me, even in Edmonton. But I know it´s whats best for me me right now.