Not always bad

While I'm kinda struggling through this crap, I'm also surprised (and happy!!!!) that I'm able to enjoy a lot if things as well, and laugh, and even find myself not thinking about the split from time to time. It feels really weird, but it's good I guess. 

Yesterday, Craig and I spent most of the day on a bargain mission to buy shoes (I only brought runners) and a purse (long story - but I've been using a beach bag). 

I was dressed really poorly. Sweatpants, no makeup, looking preeettty raged. I told Craig that if this was a movie, I would certainly run into someone from highschool. The other persons dialogue would be something like this: 

"Oh, hi Nicole! I haven't seen you forever!!! Oh, are you married? Oh...I'm sorry to hear that. Do you work around here? Oh...well, I'm sure you'll find something. Where do you live? Oh...well that's nice you have a cousin nice enough to let you live in his basement..."

I don't know if we're stupid or it's just a funny situation, but we had a fun time thinking of all the awkward things that could be said. I guess from time to time, it's nice to see the lighter side of the craptastic situation. 

Anyway, since I'm not really into spending lots-o-moolah at the moment, but I don't want shoes that will last a week, it was a fun little adventure. Craig acted as fashion consultant and actually watched as I'd do a fashion show for each purse that I'd find within my budget. 

I treated him to a Starbucks breakfast (99.9% of the time, people end up calling him Greg). 

We went for a slurpee after finding on-sale-on-sale shoes for $29.99 and an on-sale purse for $59.99. Finally!!! A province where they sell slurpees!!! I love the idea of these Halloween named chocolate bars!

We got back here and I nagged Eden until she'd go for a run. She casually mentioned that we should workout to help motivate each other while I'm here. I took that as we were running the next day. 

I think we're both happy she caved! 

After we went to the dog park, bought some worms to feed her gecko, watched the gecko eat the worms (gross), then had supper, and then I fell asleep. 

I had my moments...something as simple as doing the dishes can set me off...and I find I'm timid or apprehensive to do a lot of things, especially socially, but I hope that will improve with time.