Big Goals

Everyone should have goals, right? I haven't had any for awhile. Like two months or so. Well, that's not true. I focused on doing whatever I can to make myself as healthy and as happy as possible in a stressful situation. But it still was a day-by-day thing. Now I have like, REAL GOALS. BIG ONES.

Are you ready?

  • I want to have long hair
  • I want to live in a place with stairs.

I know, right? Pretty crazy shit.

My hair has grown a lot since May, but has so long to go. I try to pretend it's long enough for a ponytail, but I just look like I have a rooster tail or something sticking out of the back of my head, with a lot of short hairs everywhere. It's a good look. Gettin' me my dance card full, that's for sure.

The place with stairs thing....I don't have a clue where the idea came from, but if you've been reading this for a year or more, it's pretty obvious I just get random ideas in my head and go with them. Sometimes it works for me, other times it hasn't. I won't be moving out of my cousin's place until I am employed, but when I do, I think I'm going to rent a townhouse for one year. If I hate it, it means I don't like where I live for a year. If I love it, I'll buy a townhouse after the year's lease is up. Again, I don't have a freaking clue where this is coming from, but it's pretty stuck in my head. Dream Big, yeah.