Playing The Victim

I'd really like it, no, I'd really love it, if we could just burn the marriage certificate and that be that. 

I've tried twice to talk with two different lawyers, to get advice...or really understand the process, the timing of everything, etc. 

Both times I've ended the phone call overwhelmed and feeling destroyed. How can it cost so much financially to end a marriage? It isn't enough that we're spent from hurt and sadness, we have to spend money to have this over with? would think that lawyers would have some kind of understanding that this is a sensitive subject, instead of being cold and rude? I know they need the facts...but ending something like this isn't always something factual. 

All of my hopes and dreams for my marriage have been destroyed. So why can't I just do the same to the one piece of paper? (Ok, it's actually a small booklet and another 2 page document :P).

I know marriage is a serious and shoud-be life-long commitment. But mine wasn't. Right now. I kind of feel like I'm playing the role of a victim. I want to be strong and independent and tell the jerk lawyers to FUCK OFF and have some compassion.