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I'm trying to stay positive through the divorce stuff, but I'm not always successful.

Another thing I'm not successful at? Writing when I have good day. I have to do that a lot more. I have to take time out to appreciate the good days because  there are lots. 

Yup, there are some pretty big challenges for me to overcome. None too big that I won't be able to. 

Life is full of ups and downs. Fighting that won't get me anywhere. 

Taking actions to change the things I can change will. 

Favorite Year

It's nearly the end of November. (Crap, I have to send mail my mom her birthday present!!). A random comment a friend said made me think about the past 11 months. 2013 as a whole. It certainly hasn't been my best year. It hasn't been my worst year either.

But I kinda want it to be over. Yes, there were many highlights in 2013. Positive life-changing events. My trip to Czech Republic and to Morocco will never be forgotten. I met two new friends in Montreal that helped me get through a lonely time, that continue to remain very special to me. Reconnecting with Edmonton friends and being able to spend time with some of those that I love was big enough for me to want to stay here for at least a year. All amazing, wonderful things.

So why can't I just be grateful? I AM thankful and I AM incredibly grateful for all that I have. So why can't I just accept all of it and be happy?

I briefly mentioned last month that I was going to Montreal to pack my things. I decided to pos…

Same but different.

I have a gazillion posts in draft mode that never seem to get published.

Throughout my blog history, I've gone through periods of time where I haven't been comfortable sharing my life with the world wide web (I feel like I'm dating myself by calling it that? Now it's like the interwebs or something like that?). This is one of those times.

I had planned to continue to write about life, causeI like to and I've been doing it for over for years, but the last few months are just  toooooo different and too unpredictable. It\s very confusing, because I feel grateful, thankful, and that I live a very blessed life. I also have A LOT of laughter and good times - of course along with the regular expected moments of grief.

There is lots of good in my life, along with the less-than-good, and both seem too intimate and private to share. I check Google Analytics from time to time and see that people actually read this junk I write and it makes me uncomfortable. As far as divorce…