The foot injury I wrote about my last post is parallel to a lot of goings on with my life.

Sometimes, my ankle feels so good that I don't even notice it. I can walk around, I can go grocery shopping, I can take the stairs.

But I'm very hesitant to push it too much, as soon as I feel pain I back off, worried that I'll re-injure myself. 

But I'm in recovery mode.

I get help from my doctor (with Active Release Treatment and laser therapy).
I rest and elevate it to help it recover and when it hurts.
I do exercises to help it heal.

Now my life.

Sometimes things are so good I don't even know I'm going through a divorce. I run and play and sometimes I'm just so happy, enjoying the small things (um...ok, is Starbucks a small thing? Because it still excites me) in life. It's almost as if it never happened.

But I'm in recovery mode.
I get help from my family and friends.
I get coping advice from my phone-in-shrink.
I get hugs and cry from someone I trust when I need to.
I rest when I need to, which is probably more than someone not going through a divorce, but I have that liberty right now while I'm on the job hunt, so I take advantage of it when I can.
I take on many, many exercises to help myself heal. I'm probably on the clinical side of things because I read books and blogs about life and different ways of thinking.
I make sure that I'm getting enough exercise (except for the last two weeks). I try to eat enough and enough healthy food (major, major fail lately).

Like with my foot, I am really hesitant to push things too much. I avoid things that may cause me pain or discomfort. Last week I pushed things a little bit...and they went well for me.

Back to my foot

Then sometimes my foot really, really hurts. I can take a painkiller to dull the ache, but it's still there. I'm limping, obviously injured. I'm cranky. I'm frustrated. I'm impatient because I want it to heal so that I can move on doing what I want to do with my life.

Likewise, sometimes my divorce really, really hurts. There are no painkillers. I tend to stay close to home, limit the people that I see, as I feel that it's obvious that anywhere I go, it's obvious that I'm injured. I'm cranky. I'm weepy. I'm frustrated. I'm impatient because I want to heal so that I can move on doing what I want to do with my life.

My doctor today told me that my injury takes a lot of time to heal, because ligaments aren't strong like muscles, and also because there is nerve damage that needs to be repaired. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing and be patient. But that I shouldn't limit myself so much. There are lots of things that I can try, and see how my foot feels, and stop doing them if they cause me pain.

That's good medical advice on both fronts.