Just for me

What I said yesterday was true.

A new day, a new yoga class. 

Since catching some kind of mega-cold, I've done no activity. Not even a yoga podcast. Combined with my...life, I went crazy. Everything seemed so blue. Or grey.

Today, I woke up, went to yoga, shopped for house stuff (this is not something I enjoy), half-packed for Cuba (did I leave that out? By some miracle, I'm going there on Wednesday), met up with a friend (who is generally the person that I bring along to make any big purchases), bought a TV (something I had been dreading because I don't understand anything about them), had supper with friend & girlfriend, then went back to my house for him to set up my TV (no cable or internet, so it's not even turned on - I will be asking for help with that as well as a tutorial), then drove back to Juno's house (:P). 

Today was tiring, I almost was going to sleep at my house using a sleeping bag in my car, but forgot my phone charger so I came back. 

I attribute a huge amount of the positivity that I felt today - to taking an hour and a half to focus ON ME. No distractions. Just me and my yoga practice. Something of my own. I have all this time on my hands...but don't take it to do something that is just. for. me.

Maybe it sounds nuts. But I needed to be in content and relaxed in just ONE thing in my life.