Just Jump

I know a few people that did something like all dare-devilish for their 30th or 40th birthday. (Not like getting lost in the jungle).

Like jumping out of a plane (I know the expression, Never say never, but this is something that I'd never do). {Now I'm not talking about those like, spur of the moment, Hey what are you doing this weekend, wanna jump out of a plane, type of people.}

So for months on end (or more?), said 29 or 39 year old is so looking forward to this thing that they've planned for their big "30th" or "40th" big milestone/life event. They know the safety risks involved to make an educated decision. It's something that they just want to do and they feel is right.

The 29 or 39 year old can't wait for the special day to be there, can't wait to feel all the feelings of excitement and happiness...but then, a few days before, they start to feel anxious. And nervous. And maybe a little sick to their stomach. It's something they've wanted to do, been talking about, been looking forward to, but the fear of the unknown, and the fear of those safety risks take over.

(I really just threw that picture in there because I'm so tired of my blog only containing so many WORDS and no pictures)
But what makes it so enjoyable, is the fear of the unknown. The experience is limitless and you make what you want out of it (well...except when you hit the ground or if your parachute doesn't open.. But look, you get the analogy I'm going with here).

Saturday afternoon, I'm going to jump out of a plane. It's something that makes me so happy. Something I've been looking forward to for what seems like a long time. Something I never thought would happen (cancelling out my never jumping out of a plane, I guess) (ok, maybe not). And...it will happen the day after tomorrow. Sh!t blows my freaking mind. And makes me anxious. And nervous (I think we've established that like...earlier this week) (in great detail). And a little nauseous. I know the risks, I'm making an educated decision, but I have too many moments where I wonder if the parachute will open. But the experience is limitless...and it's all about what we make it. 

I've never been so excited and so nervous for something at the same time in my life.

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