Louis & Nicole in Alberta - Week 1

Well, the big day finally came. I somehow survived a week of intense anxiety (mixed with excitement) until Saturday. I woke up feeling pretty good actually. I ate, went to the gym, and even stayed for a second class to try to wear off as much energy as I could. (I joined the Zumba train. I look like I'm like, loser drunk, but it's totally worth a laugh and some cardio as well!!).

I was late getting to the airport, like the drive wasn't already driving me insane!!! I watched the GPS showing a countdown of how many minutes until I'd be at the airport. I was focused on driving...getting there on time...but seeing "12 minutes to destination" then "6 minutes to destination"...well, it was just a crazy feeling. Totally inexplicable. Totally overwhelming.

Somehow, I made it on time and waited...feeling shaky but dry eyed. (I know, right?) I anxiously watched as the doors opened and finally I saw Louis. Cue the waterworks. (I was getting a little worried there for awhile. I thought for sure I would be crying well before then. Then I was kind of hopeful, like maybe I had worn out my tear ducts permanently or something?).  Oh, and I remember a lot of shaking. And I think I ran towards him. We stayed hugging, standing there for...well I don't know for how long. I needed to sit down a but after because I felt weak (I'm not sure if it was because of the gym or my emotions or both). 


I'm glad that's over. I'm beyond thrilled that we get to spend this time together. It's still kind of a juggling act, like our time together before, because we both have our own things to do and life didn't stop just because we get to be in the same city for a week. But it's pretty amazing that we are in the same city for a week...and in three weeks from now we'll be in the same city again, for TWO weeks. A weekish apart again, and then...no more long-distance. Time together. Spent together. Growing together.

Yesterday marked two years since we were married. We weren't sure what we should do for the occasion. Yes, we were apart for five months...and yeah, life wasn't all that easy before then, but that's still the date we made a commitment to each other. It's still the date that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The time apart has helped us both see a lot about ourselves and what we want in life. Certainly not the easiest route, but it happened, it's over, and we're building from today. So why not celebrate?!?

We debated all of these plans, selecting restaurants, making different reservations, etc. We wanted to make the night special.

But..when last night came and we just decided to do what we felt like doing. Which was fantastic. The year before we were so concerned about having the "perfect" first anniversary that we ended up not having the best time ever.

So what we felt like doing, in the dead of winter, was try to get warm (on my ridiculously comfortable couch), then head to Famoso for a pizza and salad (it was freezing outside so we had the restaurant to ourselves, it couldn't have worked out better), and then stopped at Safeway for two cupcakes (I'm into this cupcake phase right now. I talk about them a lot).

It's been (and will be) a pretty wild rollercoaster ride. It hasn't been all perfect. There are moments (or days) where I'm still pretty shaky. All of this...the last six months...the last twelve months...the last however long...it's been like a blur. It's overwhelming to try to take it all in. Or adjust to all of the changes.

It's also incredibly overwhelming, in the most positive of ways, to have my best friend back in my life. We were apart for too long. <3

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