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I like Social Media. I like reading what's going on in my friends' lives. Yeah, the idea of picking up a phone or writing a letter or meeting up x times a week is preferable, but we live in different times and while I still do the later, social media is sometimes more convenient and easier. And it's a hobby. I follow various people/pages on Facebook to keep up to date what's going on in the different things that I'm interested in (food, fitness, fashion) (Hold Up - ok, let's face it. I dress like I'm going camping 99.9% of the time so I'm not really interested in fashion but I like reading about it for that "one day" where I'll start caring more about how I dress and which prints go with what neutrals, or whatever). I've read blogs for...nearly ten years. Some of the same people that I read in 2005 I still read today. Some of them are even like, quasi-friends (or rather acquaintances) in real life. (Or IRL in twitter speak. Which I still have difficulties with).

The problem is because I get so annoyed by the negativity that comes with it. I have this watch-the-car-wreck-as-you-drive-by problem and I continue to read all of the crap that I don't want to know about it.

I try to filter what I read. Stick to positive social media stuff. But even then, there is so much negativity. And I'm soooooo sensitive to negativity. FB posts or blog entries (not mine) often have such negative (and often anonymous) comments left. Criticizing, assuming, judging. I guess that's par for the course....if you put yourself out there, you leave yourself out to be judged.

Which is something that I'm extremely sensitive to right now. Look, if you follow me on FB or Instagram or Twitter, you'll see sooooo many pictures of stuff stolen/borrowed off the Internet that focuses on positivity, encouragement, and random overt life stuff that I can forget when I'm wrapped up in my own tiny details. I like posting them and sharing them. I've spent a lot of my life focusing on the negative and I made a choice a few years ago to focus on the positive. But it's not something that comes naturally to me, and I like to use every and anything to help me. Friends, family, activities, you name it.

In November (and again recently) I started to Instagram one thing that I'm thankful for before I go to bed. (I didn't publish everything in November to my blog. Another To-Do, I guess). It's usually done on whatever App I'm playing around with at the time, but taking that time, even if it's just a few minutes, every single day, helped me so much. It is the little things that matter in life. The big things can swallow me up, but when I think about something great in each and every day, and I get into the habit of doing it, I realize, Holy Mother F*Cker, I'm seriously living a wonderful life.

But, it takes practice. And I have A LOT going on right now. Marriage stuff (yay!), family stuff, adapting to quite a few significant changes, etc. Just like everyone else.

Obviously since I  blog about my life, I enjoy sharing what's going on. This applies to IRL as well (puke). But since Louis and I have been back together, I share cautiously. I've written about this before and I hope to not write about it again, but who knows.

So, just to put it out there > if I post a picture about being grateful for something, or a quote about life being precious, or a quote about life being tough but conquerable, I'm not being held captive in the basement or trying to send out some secret message. I'm sharing it because I read the quote and in my head, went, Awwnnnn. I like that. That's a good reminder!!

I'm a sucker for a good Internet quote. (I'm also quite a fan of the sarcastic Internet quotes as well. This one was such a favorite that I used it to make a project at a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery-For-A-Million-Dollars place that I dragged my cousin to.
The point of all this rambling?? I just see so much judgment going on (from myself as well at times) that I'm just at this point of being totally frustrated. I guess I'm in one of my "why can't we all get along, be kind, and help each other because life can suck sometimes and you don't need to make things harder*". So as some advice (to myself as well), take all of the social media stuff with a grain of salt (I've totally reached the maximum quota of stupid English sayings for the next month). And just remember, it's a hobby. It's random people (ok, some of them have become like uber famous) putting out random things that interest them....and that's it. Or at least that's the case for the blogs/people that I follow.
*(Not to be confused with laying down and letting people take advantage of you)


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