Those Plans I keep Talking About

So I've written about "all these plans to look forward to", but I haven't eluded to much else. There's lots of change to come and lots of travelling.

Two weeks from now I'll be somewhere over the ocean...or maybe in London. I'm flying Edmonton to Calgary to London to Johannesburg to Tana to meet Louis. We'll fly to Toamasina Monday morning, he'll go to work and I'll hang around camp or whatever. I can't remember if March is still warm enough for me to get some pool time in...but I hope so. Two weeks later, we'll both fly to Tana to Joberg to London, where we'll part ways for about a week. He'll fly to Montreal and I'll fly back to Edmonton. After dropping off his suitcase and spending a bit of time at home, Louis will join me in Edmonton for the month of April. He'll help me pack up, spend time with my friends and family, our friends, and spend some time together in good ol' Etown. (At an undetermined date) We'll then drive my car from Edmonton to Montreal, stopping at different places along the way. We're making a holiday out...probably around the two week mark. 

So did I leave out the part that I'm moving back to Quebec? Maybe I already wrote about it here? I can't keep track of these things...Anyway, at first I thought about working in Edmonton for I adjust to things...but decided that I'm finished, done, finito with long distance.

We don't really have any dates set in stone at the moment. I have some stuff going on here that makes it difficult to determine when I'll I'm gonna like, really miss everyone. Our only real time frame is to be back for Claudie's birthday (I think May 12th? Crap. I can't even remember her birthday...).

Oh, and maybe you've heard I got engaged? Yes, that's right. It's the new trend. You get married first...then get engaged later. We are legally married in Canada but had always planned to have a little something where the girls would be our witnesses. Louis mentioned it a few times since January, but with everything going on, I hadn't gaven it much thought. I jokingly said that if we were getting married in Canada, then he'd have to propose. And once he started a conversation of diamonds vs. blue sapphires that I thought was a little out of the blue (Madagascar has the best sapphires in the world, next to Burma). I have a pair of blue sapphire earrings that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I treat them as if they were worth a million dollars, and I said I thought that sapphires were more special...more unique. 

So...on Valentine's Day (awnnnnnnnnnnnnnn), Louis shocked the crap out of me. A proposal with a blue sapphire ring, made in Madagascar, to match my wedding ring, by an amazing jeweler that all of the expats use. I'd like to say that I started crying with joy, making some kind of scene, but I was in TOTAL SHOCK. To the point that I had no reaction. No words. It took me...maybe half an hour or so to kind of figure out what just happened. I knew I was happy...and I was SO thankful we were at my house and not in the restaurant!! 

Of course, I said yes. :) 

And then began the phase (that I'm still in) where I can't stop staring at my ring in every single angle possible. It feels so special.  I admit at first, it felt weird having this thing on my finger, I'm not super into jewelry...but now I stare at it and can't imagine what my hand looked like before. I don't want to come off as materialistic, and I've always treasured our wedding bands, but this sapphire sparkles...and I'm reminded of the very special story everytime I look at it. Which is lots.  

I highly doubt we'll have a big affair at the Ritz Carlton with 500 guests with me wearing a Vega Wang. And with everything going on, it's a bit too soon for me to make any other plans, but the ring, the gesture, the whole week was just amazing.

So. We'll settle in Quebec, find jobs, and buy a house together. Something that fits both of our styles and leaves us a little room to grow. Sounds totally easy and simple, right? ;)

So yeah. That's why I keep saying I have so much to look forward to. Apart from spending the rest of my life with the one that I was meant to....I have allllllll of these wonderful events to look forward to. And I plan on enjoying every minute I possibly can. Which means....learning how to CHILL OUT. ;)

{and this post was edited a few hours later. Seriously...I gotta read my posts before hitting "Publish". I'm an editor's nightmare!!!}


  1. You're stopping in Winnipeg? I grew up there. So make sure that when you're in Winnipeg that you ... um ... hang on, it'll come to me... umm ...

  2. Louis really wants to visit there. I know. :O