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A New Page

My brain, body, & maybe heart are worn down from trying to analyze/cope/and problem-solve all of the changes in my life lately.

The breaking point was Saturday. Endless tears, not sure what to do, not sure where to go...just the feeling of having gone through the week a complete and total mess. 

Which resulted in a killer headache, turned migraine, complete with some serious nausea. Which continued until today. 

Thankfully, I went & stayed at my grandparents' place yesterday & last night. Today I had to come home to meet with a furniture guy & I got a well-timed visit from a friend, who just sat & talked with me. I needed that more than I realized. 

Tomorrow morning, I pick Louis up from the airport...I'm nervous for this next step, but looking forward to having my partner-in-crime back to help me out & to spend some real time together.

Jetlag kills me...

Seriously, I am so sensitive to jetlag. I landed Tuesday night and it's been a blur since then. 

I had hoped going to the gym yesterday to help regulate things...but I ended up sleeping most of the day AND night. Never soundly, but never fully awake (I somehow dropped a bowl of yogurt in the kitchen...which already looked like some kind of explosion occurred). 

I'm 1/8th part nervous for this next bit...Louis and I have seen each other for three weeks since July...and now we're spending a month together followed by a ten day road trip, followed by formally moving back in together. 
The other 7/8ths just can't freaking wait for him to be here. 

And 100% of me can't wait to be unjetlagged...and be a somewhat functioning person again. I have no idea how I managed to do the jetlag thing on a regular basis...

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The last few days have passed so incredibly quickly...everything seems surreal.

Just a few months ago...well, y'all know things were much different. Things obviously are still in transition, but Louis and I are leaving the island and I am beyond relieved. 

Unfortunately I was out of town for his work going away cake/speech event, but it sounds like it was pretty spectacular. Louis was loved on big time. (Possibly not the best choice of words given the environment...but I can't think of a better way to put it). Everyone came out to show him how truly appreciated he is and how much he will be missed. 

This morning we said goodbye to Serge, Louis' longterm driver, and someone I've grown to love. I managed to get in one picture before Serge was overwhelmed with emotion...I soon followed. 

It kinda broke my heart to see Serge so upset. 

Louis and I were both pretty stressed...packing was left to the very last second, we had five suitcases and four carryons...and registering at t…

Veloma Be

It's our last night. 

I'm stressed. Packing. 
I'm exhausted. I'm hungover. What started as a "last supper out" last night ended with far too much Dzama...but at least it was an early night. 

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll miss it here. 

But not as much as I'm happy to start the next chapter with this guy: 

Luck of the LemuRs

I've just come back from the middle of the jungle. I went on a 4.5 hour drive of roughly 200km (each way) with a friend to stay at a hotel/lodge known for lemur sightings. 
The lodge certainly lived up to my expectations!!!!!!

And guess what?!?!?

Apparently it brings you luck & happiness if a lemur pees on you.

I must be very happy and very lucky. 

Glorious Camp Life

Last week was kinda iffy for me. I had jetlag, boredom, and too many emotions goin' on at the same time. It didn't help that it is a complete dead zone during the day here. Yes, I can read and go to the pool and nap...but I'm kinda lonely during the day. And lonely and me don't mix well at the moment.

Things started to feel different on Sunday. I had a good afternoon, a super fun evening, and today's been pretty busy. Louis has a friend/ex-collegue in town for the week, and I went with him to the airport and did the "Welcome to Tamatave Tour". Or at least an abbreviated version (for now). I forgot how much I missed being Little Miss Tour Guide when new people came here.

Anyyyyyywho, since the time that I've been away, I forgot how completely shitty camp life can be. In Canada:
I LOVE the fact that I can do own laundry and don't have to worry that it will get lost or ruined.I LOVE the fact that I can eat food that tastes good, not just food that'…


My morning has been busy. 
I've been up since around 05h30 so that I can eat breakfast with Louis. 
I changed & got my beach stuff.
Went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for almost half an hour because I worked out too hard on Tuesday and  my legs are in serious distress. (Expect lots of pictures because I have lots of spare time).
Moving hurts. Last night I went to an awesome yoga class taught on site which helped a bit, but I'm trying to loosen things up. It helped but still silly things like walking, getting up from a chair, changing positions while sleeping...are difficult. 
I lifted weights for maybe 10 minutes.  which I totally love. I started taking these weight lifting excercise classes at the gym (using very light weights) and suddenly I'm practically Arrrrnoold. 

My arms aren't like actually buff, but when you go from soft to even slight definition, it's pretty awesome to see. I haven't lost weight or anything, but I like to feel something that's…

The Last of 5 Flights

The last of the five flights is always the best. It's a company plane, so there's no major security checks or lineups or anything like that. 

There is usually a weight limit for suitcases...but that wasn't a problem for me since, SHOCKER, my suitcases didn't arrive. There is at least a 33% chance of this happening, so I always pack some clothes in my carryon. I also just saw that my old donated clothes that I left for pickup LAST YEAR are still here, so I won't be stuck wearing Louis'clothes until my luggage is found.
The charter is a small plane that sits maybe 15 people. I was sooooo excited to enter the waiting room because there were people that I knew!!!! 
When we land and takeoff, the pilots have to push this one lever and they kind of hold hands to do it. I always think it's the cutest thing. 

The views are usually spectacular, unless we run into some rain. There have been some pretty insane flights on the charter with crazzzzzzyyyyyyy turbulence. 
These …

Jetlag Induced Meltdown

I'm on holiday. I just had an epic meltdown. It hasn't been the first.

I wasn't prepared for all of the emotions that came along with coming back here. Happiness, of course, to see Louis and spend time with him, like we did before. Feeling excited and happy to see everyone that I used to see on a daily basis, some of them that I really, really have missed. But I'm also filled with memories of a not-so-great times, and also reminded of everything that's happened in the last year.

And I am completely out of my element.

If I was at home before, it was because I was sick. I'm at home now...but I'm not sick. I feel fine. But I feel weird going to the pool, like, I'm playing hookey and have to keep a low profile.

Also...I'm not entirely prepared for the gong-show-ness of Madagascar?

An example:
I needed a SIM card for a phone that Louis got for me so that I could be reached while I'm here. We arrived in Tamatave on Monday, but I told him that I'd g…


So happy to be here!!!

Fading to jetlag veryyyyy quickly. 

Can't access Facebook or any other social media sites. Just wanted to say, "Hey! I'm alive!!"


Poop, Shower, Pool, & Nap. Oh, & HUSBAND!!!!


Barely functioning.

Pretty sure I almost got kicked out of the SAA lounge for taking fruit, muffins, & bottles of water. 

Also...I would go freaking bezerk working as an attendant at a Duty Free shop.  Can I help you? They ask, as I put on hand cream, eye cream, and spray myself down with different perfumes. (And you know it, WF, I spray everywhere) . I always respond kindly with a No thanks, but I'm waiting for the day that I get asked to leave. 

Also - don't ever try to cut the line. I will stand like a starfish with any luggage/jackets or whatever so that you don't bud in front of me. I'm so "Respect the Line and Don't Fu**ing Cut In Front of Me or Anyone else" that to got scolded by my tour guide in China the first day or two. (There is no Respect The Line there!!) I have no shame in contorting my body in any way, shape, or form so that I maintain my place in line. 

Ok. I need a feeling nap. And a poop. Chickpea/Quinoa salad, hummus, & chili…

London - Joberg

Omg. I don't like big cities...but flying through them isn't so bad. But London? And Heathrow?

I wished I'd create my own version of an airport rating scale back in the day. Here's Healthrow's: 

Appearance: ok. Kinda old but in some parts remodelled. Easy train access to different terminals. 

Shops: Come back when you're a millionaire. This includes if you'd like to buy a book or a bottle of water. 

Coffee Shops: Have only seen Costa Coffee...which makes me think there are no Starbucks. 

Lounge access: I'm a lower Star Alliance class member...& this is a Gold Lounge. I'm not sure how I got in, but I'm glad I did. If nothing but to fill up my water bottle. Plus they have jacket potatoes with a topings bar. Pop comes in 65ml cans. Beer comes in 1L bottles. I have taken all the portable fruits and snacks that I can fit into my carry on. And ate some chili, which is certainly some great flying food. 

Hotel Access: it took me TWO hours, a train, and a …

To England

Well I'm at the Calgary airport. I feel like I've waited forever for this!!! 

I can't believe that I flew this far all the time. I am SO DONE with airports. SO DONE. 

I don't like flying. I don't like airports. 
But I DO like travelling. Especially when it means that I get to see Louis AND some Madagascar friends!!!!!!!!! 

I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I see them...oh well. Nothing new. 
I'm kind if dreading the flights...but trying not to pay too much attention. Here's to flying to Madasgar my first time in economy! I'm well prepared. 

1. My own socks (when flying business you get a pair) & flip flops to wear when I'm walking in the plane (ESPECIALLY the bathroom. How gross. The get tossed in a plastic bag & washed before each flight).
2. An extra blanket because my body temperature drops to an unhealthy level when I fly. 
3. A travel pillow that probably has some serious bacteria on it. 
4. Snacks from home (ok, and from the lounge). I usua…

Thursday Night

It's Thursday. I feel like...since Sunday, I've barely made it through this week.

That's not true, I guess. I have lots of moments where I laugh and enjoy myself. But I feel like I have more moments where my emotions are far more than I can handle. 

I've been exhausted, but I'm don't feel like I'm actually doing much. I've been to the gym sort of regularly, which is a good sign. My eating is all over the place, but I downloaded My Fitness Pal (which is nothing short of amazing) and I'm trying to make sure I get enough or not too much food. I opted out of volunteering 3x/week and gone to 1x/week. I'm trying to find a balance during a weird time.

One day last week, I drove home with the air conditionning on because I felt so tired. (Later I realized, I could have just rolled down the window. Duuhhhh.). That same night, I cried in the parking lot for what felt like forever. I cried so hard that I couldn't drive myself home for some time. I jus…

Old School Country

I'll start off with the total highlight of my day. I found my old iPod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been going crazy trying to find it this week, but super extra crazy to find it today. My hallway looks like some kind of laundry/paper/yarn (don't know how that's in there)/box bomb went off. But finding my iPod was the one and only thing that I could do today that would make me feel better.

I haven't written much about things lately. I honestly don't know how to talk about it.
In case you haven't got it already on Instagram or Facebook or on this blog before, my grandpa is a very wonderful man, and isn't like any old grandpa. He has made a huge difference in my life and I feel lucky to have grown up with a grandpa like him.

My grandpa is funny, charismatic, can pretty much fix anything that's broken, and you can call him anytime for directions on how to get somewhere in Edmonton (which I STILL did until I left for Madagascar).

But a cardiac surge…