My morning has been busy. 

I've been up since around 05h30 so that I can eat breakfast with Louis. 

I changed & got my beach stuff.

Went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for almost half an hour
because I worked out too hard on Tuesday and 
my legs are in serious distress. (Expect lots of pictures because I have lots of spare time).

Moving hurts. Last night I went to an awesome yoga class taught on site which helped a bit, but I'm trying to loosen things up. It helped but still silly things like walking, getting up from a chair, changing positions while sleeping...are difficult. 

I lifted weights for maybe 10 minutes. 
which I totally love. I started taking these weight lifting excercise classes at the gym (using very light weights) and suddenly I'm practically Arrrrnoold. 

My arms aren't like actually buff, but when you go from soft to even slight definition, it's pretty awesome to see. I haven't lost weight or anything, but I like to feel something that's hard-ish instead of bingo flappers. 

I like to flex pretty often and am kind of in love with my new baby muscles. (I have no idea how many malagasies watched me take this picture)

I got changed into my bathing suit and then jumped into the pool,
then read for an hour or so in the sun. At EIGHT FREAKING IN THE MORNING. 

Which means it's just after 09h00. I have some packing to do...I'll go to the pool again at lunch....but it's just so weird being here and not working! I'll have to remember this moment when I'm back to work full time, wishing to be sitting by a pool. 

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