Jetlag kills me...

Seriously, I am so sensitive to jetlag. I landed Tuesday night and it's been a blur since then. 

I had hoped going to the gym yesterday to help regulate things...but I ended up sleeping most of the day AND night. Never soundly, but never fully awake (I somehow dropped a bowl of yogurt in the kitchen...which already looked like some kind of explosion occurred). 

I'm 1/8th part nervous for this next bit...Louis and I have seen each other for three weeks since July...and now we're spending a month together followed by a ten day road trip, followed by formally moving back in together. 

The other 7/8ths just can't freaking wait for him to be here. 

And 100% of me can't wait to be unjetlagged...and be a somewhat functioning person again. I have no idea how I managed to do the jetlag thing on a regular basis...

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