Leaving on a Jet Plane

The last few days have passed so incredibly quickly...everything seems surreal.

Just a few months ago...well, y'all know things were much different. Things obviously are still in transition, but Louis and I are leaving the island and I am beyond relieved. 

Unfortunately I was out of town for his work going away cake/speech event, but it sounds like it was pretty spectacular. Louis was loved on big time. (Possibly not the best choice of words given the environment...but I can't think of a better way to put it). Everyone came out to show him how truly appreciated he is and how much he will be missed. 

This morning we said goodbye to Serge, Louis' longterm driver, and someone I've grown to love. I managed to get in one picture before Serge was overwhelmed with emotion...I soon followed. 

It kinda broke my heart to see Serge so upset. 

Louis and I were both pretty stressed...packing was left to the very last second, we had five suitcases and four carryons...and registering at the check in desk can be...a process. Like, a painful one! 

This time, it took us only 20 minutes or so and cost roughly $20 CAD for all our extra suitcase weight! (This was of course, paid as a bribe, but hey...When in Rome). 

The flight to Joberg was delayed, which appropriately allowed for one mini-marital fight followed soon after by some chocolate sharing (fighting unrelated to chocolate sharing :-) ). 

We're now looking out the window as we officially leave Madagascar.

Together. (Yeah, yeah, insert mega fromage here...)


  1. I am so tremendously happy that your departure from MG is a much happier one than the last one. God Bless you both. Together you leave ,together you land, united as a couple. See yo soon. Safe journey. Love Grandmaxoxo


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