Poop, Shower, Pool, & Nap. Oh, & HUSBAND!!!!


Barely functioning.

Pretty sure I almost got kicked out of the SAA lounge for taking fruit, muffins, & bottles of water. 

Also...I would go freaking bezerk working as an attendant at a Duty Free shop. 
Can I help you? They ask, as I put on hand cream, eye cream, and spray myself down with different perfumes. (And you know it, WF, I spray everywhere) . I always respond kindly with a No thanks, but I'm waiting for the day that I get asked to leave. 

Also - don't ever try to cut the line. I will stand like a starfish with any luggage/jackets or whatever so that you don't bud in front of me. I'm so "Respect the Line and Don't Fu**ing Cut In Front of Me or Anyone else" that to got scolded by my tour guide in China the first day or two. (There is no Respect The Line there!!) I have no shame in contorting my body in any way, shape, or form so that I maintain my place in line. 

Ok. I need a feeling nap. And a poop. Chickpea/Quinoa salad, hummus, & chili all made up my airport travels food. I kinda think they should make better selections. Or I always could...but that's too easy.

Explicitive was the word I was looking for earlier I think.

Damn, if this girl steps on my blanket one more time....I'm totally going...to look in her direction. That will show her. 

If this blog posts, it means I am reunited with my one-and-only. I arrive at 14h10 and we spend the night here and then fly out at 0530 or 0600. Yeah.